21 Day Fix: 2 down

 Okay so at the urging of my sister I’m actually going to go public with this. 🙂 I hadn’t planned on it since I have a close circle of other friends who are doing similar eating/workout plans and we’re holding each other accountable. But since there is a first time for everything – this being my first time trying anything like this – I thought I would share.

 My goal is to be “successful” in completing the 21 day fix.  This just means that I complete the program to the best of my ability. But if I meet some of my other goals I also picked a reward… I’m going to get my haircut!    That’s a super big deal for me considering I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last two years.

 I’m going to share pictures of some of the things I’ve eaten, a few workout photos that aren’t too unbearably embarrassing.  I will share some tips that are helping me get through it…  and also some recipes I found tasty.  I will also include a list of tips at the end of each post. I probably won’t blog every day but I will try to include highlights. Feel free to ask questions too…


 I got the 21 day fix kit from a friend who decided not to use it. ( got to love my buy nothing community! ) Much to my pleasure I didn’t have to spend any money!   I also got to borrow a scoop of the chocolate shakeology to try. Not really my cup of tea, but I may buy half a bag off of her just to have in a pinch.


I borrowed a CD from a friend at first… So the first day I did the wrong workout. It was absolutely killer and I can barely move today.  Like literally can barely pick up my kiddos from the floor, walk down the stairs, or even bend down to change their diapers.  That kind of dying!    That plus the fact that I have a head cold  left me feeling like I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the day.  But for this non-breakfast eater once I got up, made my breakfast,  and forced myself to eat it I was so so so much better.   Big key to success I think with this kind of diet/plan, and also in the gestational diabetes diet, is eating every two hours. Alternating meals and snacks.

Once I was able to get the food down and my second snack in I as even able to do a modified work out this afternoon.  That’s a win!

 My day one menu look something like this:

 Breakfast:  A slice of whole-grain toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter, two hard-boiled eggs with pepper, and a large glass of water.

 I Got two glasses of water in during my 30 minute workout.  Also a major win for this non-water drinker.

 Snack one: I was on the go so I ate a nectarine.

 Snack two:  I had 6 thin slices of ham dipped in mustard. Praise God I absolutely love mustard because it’s considered a freebie. (This was also true in the gestational diabetes diet I had to do during my third pregnancy so it’s an easy go to for me. ) and a large glass of water!

 Lunch: I had a whole wheat sandwich thin ( Could have also been a pita) with a thick slice of turkey breast, a quarter of an avocado spread, and mustard. ( I should’ve added lettuce for a crunch)

 Dinner:  Carna Asada tacos with corn tortillas ( White onion and cilantro)  and it was super nice to be able to eat out with my family easily, all while still staying within the guidelines of the plan. Sparkling water with a lime wedge was a treat! Crazy what tastes like a “treat” when you are cutting out sugar/sweets.


 Today I started with a purple container of green grapes, a slice of wheat toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter, and a cup of tea.

One of my goals that will help me feel successful is that I am cutting out all other drinks besides water. However the raging headache I suffered all through the night and into this morning may have been from cutting all caffeine out too quickly (my head cold could have contributed). The cup of tea I think did the trick. Plus it was a yummy looseleaf tea called “almond cookie.” You  are really supposed to limit sugar, salt, and other additives on the plan so it was nice that it almost had a sweet flair to it.

 Cutting coffee and caffeine (soda) is tough for me because I love it all, but I tend to doctor up my tea and coffee a great deal. It just isn’t as appealing without all the sugar and cream.


Snack one:  A great smoothie. A purple container (1/2 cup) of  blueberries, strawberries, and a quarter of a frozen banana,  Plus one red container (1/3 cup) of Greek yogurt, one green container (1/2 cup) of spinach, and a bit of water… (I had a hard time getting all my veggies in yesterday so this was a great way to sneak in an entire container (1/2 cup) of vegetables) . I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. It was delicious! (although unlike anything I would normally eat or drink)


Lunch:  was absolutely delicious!   A red container (1/3 cup)  low-fat cottage cheese with an entire green container (1/2 cup) of grape tomatoes and a bit of pepper and sea salt.  ( The dash of salt was a real treat)  plus ten small spears of asparagus, and a hard-boiled egg with pepper.  The asparagus I tossed into my cast-iron pan with some Southwestern chicken I was prepping for tomorrow. (I made a 21 day fix seasoning recipe and rubbed it on, seated both sides, and then baked in the oven.)  The asparagus got a little bit of the seasoning and chicken juices on it and I added just a tiny sprinkle of Parmesan. Perfect!

 Snack two: I tried one of the suggested “Vanilla Mocha” recipes for Shakeology.  I’ll be honest it really wasn’t that great… In terms of taste. But I committed to drinking it, and in the end it filled me up and I felt good afterwards.  Plus it gave me a little afternoon boost to take the kids to the park to hunt and hide painted rocks! One scoop of chocolate shakeology,  8 ounces of cold coffee,  8 ounces of ice, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract – blended.


Dinner:  A crockpot ziti that I altered from Pinterest.  I wanted to use what I had on hand and in the end I really liked it. Except… I over cooked the noodles. So I pulled all the soft noodles out for my boys and will add some fresh ones to it so I can have leftovers tomorrow.

 Find the Pinterest recipe I used here.  I did not have the roasted crushed tomatoes so I just used a can of diced tomatoes. Plus when I browned the turkey I added some red pepper flakes, black pepper, lots of Italian seasoning, and a dash of salt. (This made it really flavorful.) Plus since I did not have a fennel root I added a whole onion (diced) to the turkey while it was cooking.

 I love that I got to add a whole serving of spinach, and use fresh basil. Plus I didn’t have mozzarella so I traded it out for Parmesan. I did go a little lighter since it was not low-fat. ( but still is 21 day fix approved).

I definitely need to get one more snack in before bed – hopefully some fruits and veggies, and catch up on my water.



  1.  Use Pinterest.
  2.  Write down what you view as “successful”  and post it where you will see it daily.
  3.  Eat every two hours. Alternate meals and snacks.
  4.  Carry a water bottle with you everywhere.
  5.  Have a couple friends that you are doing something like this with. Send them photos of your meals or post workout pictures.
  6.  Do a big grocery shop to start picking some of your favorite things from the suggested food lists.
  7.  If you are ditching as much caffeine as I am  find a tea that might have a sweet flair to it. Or use the suggested 2 tablespoons of milk and 1 teaspoon of raw sugar if you must.
  8.  Watch out for those healthy fats. So far I found myself in the negative two days in a row. Keep in mind that when cooking meats, most of them, even the 21 day fix approved (lean) meats produce enough fat on their own when cooking so you may not need olive oil.
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