A Wicked Night with Friends!

This past September we headed to see “Wicked” at the Paramount theatre with friends Dave and Heather Raley. www.theraleys.com

It was one incredible who and a wonderful night. Dave surprised us with a limo ride to the theatre, we ate at a favorite spot – PF Changs – and LOVED the show. So much so that our Halloween Costumes this year were inspired by the show!

Here we are at PF Changs. What a meal.

We’d never been to the Paramount – what a beautiful theatre!

The show was unbelievable and truly an experience. We had no previous knowledge of the story line so it was truly magical for us. We’ve been singining along with the soundtrack ever since!

Our night came to a close with an incredible surprise from Dave! A limo ride to the ferry. We left the show in style and with everyone wondering who “those people” in the limo were. 🙂

Here are our “Wicked” inspired Halloween Costumes. Complete with Ipa-Mae as Elphaba the Wicked Witch, Marley-Moe as Glenda the Good Witch, Ben as The Scarecrow, Alex as Dorothy and Jasmine as The Cowardly Lion.

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