31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero – Day 14

Today was better then I had hoped. My mom followed us when we took the van it. I was able to pick up several things from Buy Nothing Community members that lifted my spirits. That list included dish soap, a scented candle (mine burnt to the bottom and this is a KEY element in my day. Sounds crazy but I feel “off the clock” during nap time when I burn a candle). Plus another member offered me some scentsy bars that are seasonal (so the house will smell great flame free when boys are awake too).

Then my mom came back around lunch to hang with the boys while I went to my first appointment with my new midwives. They are incredible and my heart and mind is so at ease with our decision to birth at the new local birth center. This was a load off.

Progress is being made on our new home. Some hiccups were overcome and I spent nap time working on insurance quotes. Makes it feel like it’s getting real. The plus here is that they were great rates and since we plan to loop our auto insurance in too, those rates will go down! In a spending zero month that feels like an added bonus.

Got the call from the mechanic and it was good news and bad news. The things that need to be done are routine things that just happen. Nothing too catastrophic. PHEW! The bad news, they add up quickly. Enter some more good news. We can pay the mechanic a diagnostic fee and I think my husband and cousin can do the work in a couple of hours this weekend and we’ll only need to pay for parts. That will save us about $275. Feeling good about that.

Overall I’m finding myself amazed and relieved as we hit the half way mark (just about) in the month.

Things we spent on…

1. The van will need about $175 in parts and we’ll need to pay the $75 diagnostic fee.

2. I had to pick up medicines for me and hubby today – which is on our “absolutely necessary list. Don’t have that total yet but is around $60 – amazing how that feels so much more substantial in a month you are trying not to spend.
3. Hubby may have had a cup of coffee at Bible study this morning but they meet at 6:30am!!! And in our book that makes coffee “absolutely necessary.” Plus I so appreciate how on board Ben has been with this whole challenge.
Things we did not spend on…

1. I made my coffee at home, lunches and dinner were from home!

2. Boys are headed to Cubbies tonight with Papa and that is a special evening date, plus it’s “take a friend night” so Cashel was really excited that Uncle Jerod and cousin Coop are coming too.

3. I’m headed shortly with a homemade cup of coffee to walk to the library (remember we are down our second vehicle) that is open late on Wednesday nights so that I can have some quiet to finish my Bible study and do some reading.

4. Also picked up those items from Buy Nothing friends – bulbs or my garden in the spring, a FALL candle!, and scentsy bars. Plus one day this week I also snagged some canned goods, and a few coffee pods for our Keurig. Blessed we are!
5. The full fees associated with having the van fixed. Ben and my cousin will save us $275 plus being patient as they won’t get to the van as quickly as the mechanic would. 😉
I also filled out Ruth Soukup’s worksheet for reflection at the end of week 2. Here’s what it looks like. Looked back on my Week 1 reflection and feel good about the progress I made on some goals and I am giving myself permission to be off the hook on others. There is freedom in that and I feel very aware of priorities that are more important sometimes so that makes me feel very rewarded in our decisions.


1. If you haven’t seen a theme yet…. get connected to a Buy Nothing group on Facebook that is in your own hyper local community. It will change your life. And an inside scoop from a long standing member – GIVE like crazy and you will receive like crazy. Share your “after the give” gratitude photos and posts and you will also help fuel the giving/generosity. It is so contagious. I’ve given half a cabbage that is about to go bad and received EVERYTHING under the sun. Really if I name it, often they find a way to meet a need or a want!
2. Get creative when things look tough with unforeseen expenses. Can you ask for help and buy parts? Use youtube videos to get you through fixing something yourself?

3. Shop for discounts in monthly bills/expenses. They do exist.

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