31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking: day 13 {Hashbrowns}

Be used stoneware to bake up some bacon and then after dicing up a bunch of russet potatoes we drizzled them with bacon grease. This was great for flavor but since russet potatoes have a lot of moisture they were a tad soggy and not as crispy as we would have wanted. 
Oh bacon grease!
This was a great filler with our meal and also cheap. 🙂 A little Johnny’s Seasoning Salt, and ketchup and bam another great side dish with our breakfast (or breakfast for dinner).
PS – One reason to love cast iron is even with stickier meals like these hashbrowns it is SO easy to clean up. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s worth saying again. You don’t have to be cautious and can just boil a bit of water in your skillet and scrub away to remove sticky food. Although since my cast iron is quite seasoned I often just scrape and wipe clean!

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