31 Days of Cast Iron Cooking: day 14 {Goat Cheese Biscuits}

So this series all began with a book – “Bread & Wine” by Shauna Niequist.
I truly beg you to read it.
Maybe food just isn’t your thing.
Maybe it is.
Maybe you are just a people person.
Maybe you are conversation person.
Maybe you are a life long learner…
Read it.
These are her “Goat Cheese Biscuits”
However in one of her chapters she quotes Daniel Duane and his article in Food & Wine. 
He suggests a three step approach to cooking.
1. Use and follow the recipe. (give it a shot.)
2. Rewrite the recipe in your own terms. (to your taste, to your inventory.)
3. Cook from memory without the recipe.
In this recipe you preheat the cast iron in the oven.
My kitchen aid stand mixer broke last week and I’m slightly devastated.
It’s only 3 years old and should not have broken, I honestly do not over work it. Not sure what to do. 
In the meantime – I’m cooking without it. 
I do love some of my handy dandy Pampered Chef tools like this one! Cutting in cold butter.
Then the bummer – no goat cheese and napping babies.
So I used a soft dutch cheese that I cubed and mixed in instead.
It worked and was delicious. But goat cheese next time for sure.
I skipped the first step, jumped right to step 2 but will plan to jump back to following the recipe next time! I love goat cheese and want to try it on my scrambled eggs – also a Niequist suggestion that literally got my taste buds salivating.
sticky and you can see the soft dutch cheese cubes if you look closely.
melting butter in the pan – smelled so good.
used a small scoop to make these balls and it was perfect.
sprinkled parmesan cheese on top with brushed melted butter.
Had to share this pick of my eldest in the kitchen. He is our sous chef; and really loves mixing, dumping and doing dishes.  Watch out Master Chef Junior, Chef Cashel is in training at two.
We ate it with Loaded Baked Potato chowder – which is what Cashel is mixing up.
And of course a glass of wine. Yum! 
The soup and the rolls were equally, if not better, the next day for lunch.
Try the recipes.
You won’t regret it!
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