A Rumored Fortune: Christian Fiction book review

As a second book by Joanna Davidson Politano , A Rumored Fortune is a total treasure! I also had the pleasure of reading Lady Jayne Disappears which was Politano’s first novel and was an award winning debut and I highly recommend it. I would anticipate this novel will do just as well since I was equally captivating and entrancing. Tressa the main character is relatable and so endearing. The story itself is enchanting and delightful.

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I utilized a digital book to read A Rumored Fortune and during this phase of my life it was the best choice as I could carry it everywhere with me so even in an extremely busy season I could carve out moments to read or listen to this well woven tale. Not only did Politano create a worthy setting, well-developed characters, and a complex story but she also used details like the point of view, switching between first and third person, to communicate societal issues like class and to help us really “hear” the story. I just adored the castle and vineyard settings, and the humanity revealed in the characters and in the story. I can completely see myself and my world reflected in the underlying messages in the story and characters. This makes the book not only fun but challenging to read. I love leaving a story challenged and inspired.


I will also add that listening to this story using audio format really added to my love for the time period and culture. Sarah Nichols the narrator of the audiobook did a phenomenal job and I was totally drawn further into the story.













A Rumored Fortune
by Joanna Davidson Politano

A lonely young heiress becomes the poorest wealthy woman in Victorian England when her father dies without telling anyone where he hid his fortune. Can Tressa and the no-nonsense estate manager find the fortune before the greedy relatives get to it first?

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