Home on Aspen: a heart-filled renovation

Home on Aspen, our “stay awhile house.” We have lived here just three short years and filled this home with life, love, and a whole lot of beauty. A bounty of meals, memories, and messes have been made in these walls, that have nourished and healed. We have filled the walls with laughter and tears and made this house our home.

You can see all our BEFORE and AFTER photos below, but here is the formal listing for our house as well! Feel free to share it!

As I think about the countless adventures we have had I get overwhelmed. We welcomed two new little humans here, added 13 chickens, our sweet pup Charlie also came home to us on Aspen. It has been the site of so many holidays, birthdays, and ‘just because’ gatherings. We have built, torn down, grown, and changed all in our beautiful “stay a while home.”

It was dubbed that officially just about a year ago, but we have been calling it that since the day we toured it in September 2015. We said we wanted to create a home that drew people in and invited them to sit, take a load off, and stay awhile. We thought about each project through that lens. What would help people feel at ease and at home here?

There are only a few surfaces that we did not completely renovate while living here and it will be so hard to say goodbye. We are believing the people who call it home next will feel the love we put into each and every corner and crevice, and want to “stay awhile themselves.” Would you like to see see a few more before and after shots? It’s hard to even remember it like it was when we purchased it. I’ll show you my favorite spot in the house… The kitchen of course!


We did a few things to it right before we moved in like get carpets cleaned and add some paint, but then about a year later in September we did a huge renovation, culminating about three months later in December 2016. A  few more things were completed in January like our concrete countertops and gorgeous stainless steel island and bar. Quite a few things were then paused as we found out we we’re expecting our fourth child and then after he was born we completed the stairwell and kitchen subway tile in the fall and winter of 2018.

In this photo where I am standing there was a wall with a single doorway opening, we tore down the wall and on the other side widened the doorway, that can be closed off by the barn door that hangs on the other side
Our master bedroom is a haven on the main level, with walk in closet and on suite bathroom.

And of course, like you do when you sell a house, we just completed all the final labors of love for the next folks who live here. You read that right, we are selling our beloved Home in Aspen. We know it is time. So as we poured our hearts out into completing the job we prayed over every detail that the next folks who live here would experience some of these very same things.

The Bonus Room has been used as a bedroom for a while now because the boys love being together.

We call this room “the nursery” and what an upgrade!








This next room has had multiple purposes as an office, guest room, or bedroom. Some paint and flooring did a lot for this room!

The Loft and vaulted ceilings were one of the things that drew me most to this house. I love the rain on the skylights and hearing the little boys go up and down the stairwell! In the hallway below the Loft we also added a linen closet and coat closet that really added to the functionality on the main level.

To see more check out our listing and share it, as our home is officially for sale TODAY! Let me know if you’d like to hear more about living ina renovation, or how we made the choices we did to help make this house warm and inviting yet practical and functional. Put your questions in the comments below.

Here’s to the next step, and the next great adventure.


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