Revival Camp: August Illustrated Faith Kit Review and Process

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The August Revival Camp Kit is fantastic. I truly believe in content driven kits and the devotionals by Cristin Howell of @plyswthscissors, Jillian of @hellojillsky, Heather Greenwood of @heathergwdesigns, and Amy Bruce of @designsbyamybruce will meet you where you are and help you dive deeper into God’s Word. That to me is what I am here for, Bible Journaling at it’s finest is rooted in Scripture and what God is speaking to our hearts. The content and prompts this month are going to take you there.

I particularly enjoyed that each devotional has multiple Scriptures provided. I found that not only did they correlate to each other, but brought on separate thoughts and would produce multiple entries. I found myself coming back several times to each one I have completed with new ideas that could create additional entries.

If you haven’t watched my unboxing video be sure to do that as I directly address the top four excuses I hear for why people don’t, or won’t, dive into Bible Journaling and I dispell those excuses as I unbox this comprehensive kit. Have you ever said one of these things…

  • I just don’t have the time.
  • I don’t have the right supplies.
  • I am not creative.
  • I don’t know where to start.

If so I encourage you to grab a Revival Camp kit before they sell out. Here are the details.



Have fun unpacking this August Illustrated Faith ‘Revival Camp’ devotional kit, featuring four encouraging devotionals on Prepare, Route, Commit, and Courage.  “Enjoy exploring in the Word and have fun with this Revival Camp kit!”  —Shanna Noel

Devotional message:
Revival Camp

Devotional titles:

Product Details:

  • 1 camp sticker
  • 4 2″x2″ embroidered patches with cloth bag
  • 1 washi tape
  • 1 4″x6″ sheet of clear stamps
  • Stickers
  • 1 sheet of diecut pieces
  • 4 devotionals
  • 1 surprise ‘Trail Mix’ from Shanna
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • Packaged in a box with pink tissue and sticker

Love this fun key chain goodie! Be sure to use #if_trailmixchallenge when using these extra goodies in your entries.

I’m so excited to create an entry centered on these adorable stars!

I have already utilized the darling squirrel to create a replica of the “Prepare” patch so I’m so excited that Illustrated Faith and DaySpring provided the digital printable (FREE with purchase) so I can use it over and over.

I have been particularly drawn to finding ways to incorporate the designs on the patches whether that is with an exact replica or an “ode” to the components. I’ve been so inspired! I love the outdoors elements and also the touches of whismy and femininity the colors and florals bring. It’s just such a great combo.

The little star confetti and paper clips by Felicity Jane are such a fun extra bit. I’m planning a star themed entry and may also attempt a “galaxy” page which I have never done. Camping out under the stars has been a favorite experience of mine at summer camp and on family campouts so I just love that it was incorporated this month.

Snag your kit now before they sell out and stay tuned in mid September for the third and final installment of Revival Camp 2018.


Here is the first entry I created for the “Prepare” devotional by @hellojillsky. The truths of “giving it up to God,” “reaching up in prayer,” “reading up in God’s Word,” and “suiting up” in the Armor of God have been resounding in my heart since.

I primarily used washi tape and watercolors to create this entry, but at the end I also used white acrylic paint to get the word “prepare” to pop off the page like I wanted it to.

Here’s a second entry I did for the “Route” devotional by Cristin over at @plyswthscissors. I used the washi that came with the kit, and by lining up the last column of pink I managed to create a winding “route” after piecing together several stretches of the washi at double width. I used Faber-Castell Pitt Brush pens to ink the stamps and mounting them on cardstock and adhering with washi provided aa grea three dimensional effect that I adore. I may be slightly obsessed with this highlighter washi by Illustrated Faith!

Stay tuned over on Instagram  to see the beautiful watercolor entry I did for “Courage” inspired by those gorgeous peonies! And join our Facebook group here to be in community with other Bible Journalers local to the Pacific Northwest.

This kit just leaves me wanting more! I am so excited for the third kit. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here to get the first peek via an unboxing video next month.

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