abc’s of me…

{a} age: 26 (27 next month)

{b} bed size: queen

{c} chore you hate: bathrooms and dishes are a close second… maybe folding (heck i don’t really like any of them.)

{d} dogs: ipa-mae (6 year old west higland terrier-pomeranian-poodle) and marley-moe (4 year old – cairn terrier mix)
{e} essential start to your day: 3 snoozes and then a shower (trying to get out of the habit of needing a shower to feel awake)

{f} favorite color: green (and yellow)
{g} gold or silver: both (even together)

{h} height: 5.25′
{i} instruments you play: a wee bit of piano, and i sing.

{j} job title: 1st grade teacher, wife, homekeeper

{k} kids: no humans (also have a wee black cat named dosey-doe who is a year and a half old)
{l} live: in a wee norweigan town, in a wee town home.

{m} mom’s name: Wendy

{n} nicknames: Al, Mrs. Jacobson, Mrs. J, Ali, Big A

{o} overnight hospital stays: none
{p} pet peeves: lies, not following through, when someone sees something on the ground and walks over it (not picking it up and putting it away,) people who say recycling is “too much work,” pretending
{q} quote from a movie: “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” “Live! Live! Live!”

{r} right- or left-handed: Right

{s} siblings: a younger sister (Tonie, 24) and several “in-laws” (Emily, 23) (Elliot, 19) (Luke, 17)

{t} time you wake up:  first alarm…6:00 on weekdays plus several snoozes. Try to be up by 6:45…

{u} underwear: ? yes
{v} vegetables you dislike: not sure. never had beets…
{w} what makes you run late: under estimating how long a task will take me, over estimating what I can get done in the time I have.
{x} x-rays you’ve had: my arms and legs when I was younger to look at my growth plates and I think that’s it.
{y} yummy food you make: Mabo Tofu, Curry, Stickey Rice and Green Sauce, Roast Chicken and veggies, I’m also known for my unusual salads…
{z} zero tolerance: zero tolerance for lies.

♪♫…now you know my abc’s, fill yours out and share with me! ♪♫

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