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So for quite a while now I have done New Year’s intentions. This year is no exception. I usually pick a word and focus on it. Last year the word was “simplify.” And this year I think I’m going to focus on “contentedness.”

I think this year’s word stems from last year’s. It’s interesting how that works. I feel like these words I select really can guide my whole life, and the growth that takes place in the course of the year. 
I had several years where I focused on “authenticity and transparency.” And this year I found myself on the opposite side of that pendulum. I focused on “simplicity” and later added the word “privacy.” I changed how I use social media, I simplified my inner circle of friends – not by cutting people out, but instead by enhancing my relationship with some and learning how to spend my time more wisely. It’s definitely a lesson that was hard, but worth learning. I think I’m still in the process of that, and it’s also part of what led me to this year’s word of “contentedness. 
I tried to remind myself that focusing on the word does not mean that I’m not good at it, it also does not mean that I am the opposite of that word. It just means that it’s an area where I want to place my focus. I believe that the list of words I’ve chosen in the past are the exact list of words I would want people to use to describe me. I try not to pick my words based on other people, or what the world says.

I am content. I just want to grow and understand contentedness more – fully.

In fact even as I type that I think maybe that “simplify” word I had last year is not going away. I’m learning to simplify. I’m also learning what it means to be content. I love that these two words blend so beautifully together.
For me having a life that is simple means that what I value people. Being content does the same thing. I want to have a more open schedule so that I can play things by ear, fewer commitments, so that I can say yes to people.
Being content means that I’m not going to engage in the rat race of life or the “keeping up with the Jones’ ” mentality. It’s also a choice. And in that choice I want to prioritize people
So I guess this year my intention is people. And I long to have a simplified, content life. That is what will help me love people more like Jesus.
That doesn’t mean however that I don’t have other New Year’s intentions…

1. Continue to use our “Command Center” calendar and I added a mobile hard copy calendar. I got a great one for Christmas from my mom. My plan is to use it! Carry it everywhere with me, and always check my calendar. I think it will help us stay less busy, and simplify.

2. Read more. The goal is one book a month minimum, which doesn’t seem like much, some months I read several books and other months none. My goal is to prioritize reading over other time fillers. My husband recently googled how to become a voracious reader. Yes he really did.

  • Have your next book ready. Before you finish your current one.
  • If the book doesn’t interest you in the first few pages, move on.
  • Keep your book with you at all times.
3. Spiritual growth. I want to continue to attend my weekly Bible study, stay in the Bible, and pray. Pray more as a family and as an individual. I want to pray without ceasing.

4. Keep up on the memory making and memory keeping. I want to continue making memories as a family, and documenting them with videos, photos, and specifically books for my boys and their future families. I want the boys to be able to see hardcopy evidences of the things we’ve done. And I want to be fully present, creating memories together. This is an exciting one for me because our boys are just the best and we are finding ways to enjoy them each and every day. Simple ways.

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