All Things New: Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit Review

All Things New is the new devotional kit by DaySpring and Illustrated Faith, and boy oh boy is it a challenging and beautiful kit. The title says it all in terms of content. Through the 8 sessions you’ll explore being made new by Him, transformation, and what it all means for our lives. I have been uniquely challenged by this kit to see where He has and is changing me in my life. There is that first “new creation” experience when you accept Him and His forgiveness believing you are made new. Then there is this ongoing transformation we experience as we trust God with our lives daily and rely on Him to continue to transform our hearts and minds into people more like Him. If you are interested in extending the kit, or reading more about the verses and thoughts I’ve been having I’ve included four extension verses and prompts at the end of this post so don’t miss them! Now onto the specs and my review of the kit. You can snag “All Things New” right here using my affiliate link and my commission goes directly toward purchasing supplies for local meetups for the Pacific Northwest Bible Journaling group and our monthly meetups. The next one is March 15th and will include a kids table, complete with an explicit lesson on Joy. Shoot me a message if you’d like to join us or join our group here. Otherwise thanks for shopping using our link – and be sure not to miss Shanna Noel’s new book called “100 days of Bible Promises” that released March 6, 2018!

All Things New March Devotional Kit


    • 1 clear stamp collection
    • 1 roll washi tape
    • 1 thank you card from Shanna
    • 3 tip-ins, double-sided (Scriptures: Romans 12:2, Isaiah 43:19, Ruth 4:15)
    • 1 paper piece
    • 2 sheets translucent stickers
    • 8 devotional cards
    • 1 plastic holder

The March Illustrated Faith ‘All Things New’ devotional kit will encourage your heart in the Lord—eight devotionals to remind you that God makes new ways, He transforms, He restores life, He creates new people, He starts over, He renews strength, He pours out mercy, He wins…and so much more. “Have fun and remember that nothing is out of God’s reach.” —Shanna Noel

In my unboxing video I mentioned that the tips in are double-sided (design wise) and I love this. I also mentioned that they include Scripture right on them. I thought they were additional Scripture, however upon diving further into the kit they are Scriptures that are already covered by Session 1, 2, and 3 so they are not additional passages. They do pair beautifully with their corresponding session cards or could even be utilized with my extension Scripture passages really well. I just love the diamond design and I have found myself very inspired by their design both this month and in January when the tip ins included with the #Goals kit were the same shape.

Devotional titles:
Session 1 – He makes new ways – Isaiah 43:19
Session 2 – He transforms Romans 12:2
Session 3 – He restores life – Ruth 4:15
Session 4 – He creates new people – II Corinthians 5:17
Session 5 – He starts over – Lamentations 3:22-23
Session 6 – He renews strength – Isaiah 40:31
Session 7 – He pours out mercy – Romans 6:4
Session 8 – He wins!!! – Revelation 21:5

I love the triangles on these devotional cards and have cut them up to pieces, utilizing the words and shapes to really add to my Bible entries. I also have used the black, crayon like, script and fun patterns to really inspire me to try new techniques and mediums. I love that the content itself is very diverse, the Scripture references are found throughout the Bible – both old and new testament, and the prompts take you deeper also challenging you to explore new creative mediums and worship methods.

I love stickers as they are a way to have alternative font, and for someone who is not as good at hand lettering, I just love that so many of these had bold fonts on them and that they were colorful and a new (rounded edge rectangle) shape. I also love using the clear stickers like the hearts or arrows as highlighters for the key verse that I am focusing on. What fun ways do you use the clear stickers? I’d love to try some new things.

I will be honest and say that initially I was not excited about the butterfly in the clear stamp set as I am not a “froo froo” kind of creative and saw the style in that kind of light. BUT I am in love and you can tell when you take a look at a couple of my entries that have I have completed at the end of the post. I love that it is in three pieces so it is so versatile  and the concept of transformation is embodied in a butterfly so it really is the perfect image. Plus adding the triangle and geometric elements really makes the stamp set and overall design contrasting. (Take a look at my geometric butterfly from Session 4 below!) I love the harsher triangular and diamond shapes paired with the softer butterfly and crayon-like script stamps. There is also an additional stamp set that would be perfectly paired with the butterflies, grab it here.

There is also a process portion at the end of my unboxing video where I show you how to use pattern stamps from both the Gratitude Documented stamp set and from this basics stamp set called “elements” to get a similar effect that you see on the triangles on the Session 2 content card.  The video also includes links to purchase all the supplies I used so be sure to check it out.


Illustrated Faith supplies I used for the Session 1 content card. Shop those here.
the additoinal supplies I used for that entry that are not Illustrated Faith.

Snag my three favorites here:
Cutter Bee Scisssors
Tab punch
Tombow adhesive

The entry I did in Genesis 3 inspired by the theme of this month’s kit and using the extension verses and prompts below.

Additional Scripture and Prompts:

These are some areas of Scripture where I personally have extended my reading around the idea of “All Things New” and some questions that might prompt you to take the kit a step further.

Genesis 3 – in light of ‘the fall’ and your sin how do you experience shame? Where can you shift your thinking in light of the truth that “He makes all things new?”

Ezekiel 18:31 – God called the Israelites to action. His grace and mercy is freely given and with that comes our new selves, but He calls us to repent and to act. What is God speaking to you today about what you need to repent of or cast away?

Ezekiel 36:25-32 When you hear of how God washes away the sins of His people, the Israelites, what ‘uncleannesses’ are you glad to see washed away? What fruit is growing in its place?

Titus 3:4-7 Do you find relief in knowing that is God’s goodness and loving kindness, and not your own works, that saves you? Take some time to thank Him for regeneration and renewal and the gift of His Holy Spirit.

Colossians 3:10 What knowledge of the Creator do you see renewing your heart and mind and replacing the negative thoughts and talk that accompany your old self? What lies are you telling yourself (or others) that you need to replace with His truth and knowledge. Dig deeper and write these in the margins of your Bible.


Session 2 entry – He Transforms

Session 2 entry – He Transforms
Session 3 – He restores life.
Session 4 – He makes new people.

I hope you find great inspiration here and don’t forget to tag #if_allthingsnew to connect with others working through the kit on social media. You can also connect with other Bible Journalers in the Pacific Northwest using #pnwbiblejournaling or join us on Facebook here.

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