#Goals in a New Year

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The January Devotional Kit called #Goals by Illustrated Faith and DaySpring is absolutely stunning!  Not only are the designs unique and inspiring but the content is deep and motivating.  There are some traditional more handwritten elements, geometric and more structured elements plus the lovely water colors that bring a softer side.  The content itself is open ended and get bleeding… I truly believe there’s something for everyone here.

I just love the more structured geometric shapes coupled with the softer watercolor designs.

One element that I just adore about this kid is I truly believe it pays tribute to how God sees us. He told us that we should love him with all of our mind, soul, and strength. He knew that we were mind body and spirit and so I think it’s a beautiful thing that the focus words with each card attend to those parts of who we are as humans.

Two sheets of clear stickers, one full roll a vibrant washi, and six diamond shaped tip ins with grid backing.

TIP: instead of using all the wisdom related words and supplies provided for one single entry, split them up even using the devotional card itself as design elements we could add to a page. You will find that you can get multiple entries from one topic/content card.


The stamps are not only distinct but entirely versatile. If you watch my process video link below you will also see that I learned a great tip of this month from @Kountingsheepbiblejournaling and loved @BritCarlton ‘s process video using acrylic paints.

TIP: In order to prime the stamps just put them on your acrylic block block and then stamp them a few times on your forearm. This helps them receive the ink better the first time you use them.



The eight devotional cards this month have so much  content that you can easily get 2 to 3 entries from her card. Each card has some devotional content, a couple of props, and a scripture reference. Plus the prompts are so leading that I have found they leave me directly to other sections of Scripture where I can journal about the same topic. Well done Illustrated Faith and DaySpring!

If you want to see me unbox the kit you can watch my video here. Or you can see a process video for my first entry using the “wisdom goals” content card.  I provide several fun tips and insights in the video!

You can snag the January kit here. Or shop the awesome After Christmas Sale for great deals on Bible Journaling supplies. Be sure to use code IFSHIPPSFREE at checkout!

If you are looking for some other awesome Bible journaling supplies to get you started here are some great ones.

Homespun alphabet stickers

Illustrated Faith Ink pad

Date Stamp

Illustrated a Faith pack of 2 precision pens

Illustrated Faith stickers

I love my basic ESV Single Column Journaling Bible but you also find me using this CSB Notetaking Bible and the She Reads Truth Bible this year.

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