His Risk: Amish Fiction Review & Giveaway

The fourth book in The Amish of Hart County series His Risk is no exception to the delightfully, thrilling series. This installment does not disappoint and what I love most is that Gray writes about the beautiful Amish culture and community in a modern day setting. I have a love for Amish fiction and even the predictability of the stories, but this series despite having some of the same Amish themes is really different. From the get go you meet Alice and Calvin two very different people, one Amish and one English who are instantly drawn to each other. The forbidden love is not a new theme or even a new twist, but the addition of modern day issues like illness, drugs, gangs, and violence gives the story a very different feel. I am almost left feeling like the story is more realistic, and true because it involves current issues and themes. The bit of “reality” and hardship the characters face in these books brings enough real-life to the Amish way of living that I find them even more engaging, and relatable. For the same reason I am drawn to the simplicity of life and genuine nature of the characters despite the challenging situations and suffering they face. I don’t want to put these books down and often read them in one sitting. His Risk was no exception. I hope you’ll grab a copy, make some new friends in these wonderful characters, and be swept away in the story like I was.

My book has a different cover as it is an uncorrected proof but grab the books using my affiliate links below. They are also great on audiobook!

If you are new to the series you can read my other reviews here!
Book 1 Her Secret, Book 2 His Guilt I wrote about in the same post, Book 3 (which was a wonderful Christmas time read) The Gift, and the latest His Risk are Amish Fiction books you don’t want to miss!

Here are the links to grab a copy for yourself:

Her Secret

His Guilt

The Gift

His Risk

Or enter the GIVEAWAY here!

Enter to win a copy of His Risk. Five winners will be chosen! Click the image below to enter to win. The winners will be announced March 28 on the Litfuse blog!


New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray brings us another compelling suspense in her Amish of Hart County series, this time featuring an undercover English DEA agent who will do anything to protect the Amish girl he loves.

Calvin Fisher left the Amish community at fourteen and never looked back. Only his brother’s illness can bring him back to Hart County.  Now, as Calvin works to make amends, he meets Alice, a local nursery school teacher, and falls hard for her. But he has a secret that could threaten the happiness he’s finally found.

Alice shouldn’t like—or want—Calvin. He’s English, has a questionable past, and an even more questionable job. Still, she can’t help being intrigued. Though Calvin assures Alice that he’s worthy of her, she’s torn between surrendering to her growing feelings and steering clear of him.

When a sudden surge of criminal activity alarms the community and even targets Alice, Calvin fears that his double life has put everyone he loves at risk. As for Alice, she can’t help but wonder if the brave and honorable man she’s lost her heart to is far more dangerous than she could ever imagine.


About the Author:

Shelley Shepard Gray is a “New York Times” and “USA Today” bestselling author, a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers prestigious Carol Award, and a two-time HOLT Medallion winner. She lives in southern Ohio, where she writes full-time, bakes too much, and can often be found walking her dachshunds on her town’s bike trail.
Find out more about Shelley at http://www.shelleyshepardgray.com.
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  1. Hallo, Hallo Alex! 🙂

    I happily found your lovely blog through happenstance searching! I used to subscribe to Heartsong Presents (I really ought to begin collecting these lovelies second-hand to round out my collection!) wherein Mum and I (and sometimes even Dad!) would love to read the stories in tandem. I’ve always been a hybrid reader (ie. of mainstream & INSPY markets as well as Major Trade, Indie, Hybrid & Self-Pub) yet as a fifth year book blogger this year, I realised I was not reading enough INSPY as I found so many intriguingly brill new authors (as all book bloggers will surely lament!) – I wasn’t finding an organic balance of sorts between the stories I was always reading vs the ones I was sourcing as a blogger.

    Long story short – I’ve been slowly re-balancing my stack of lovelies to read, whilst owning to the fact, the *70 Authors Challenge* I created for myself never really had the dust cleared off the List all these years – it focuses on the INSPY authors I want to be reading, you see.

    Recently Mum has a new joy in her life: Love INSPIRED Suspense novels – whilst I was thinking I ought to try their Love Inspired Rom imprint – as I was thinking of ‘Heartsong’; except when I received my first shipment, I felt, hmm, maybe I’ve graduated from these shorter narratives for the novels and/or maybe, like Mum I’m more into reading the #RomSusp ones instead!? Either way, as I’m about to ship back the books I received, I noticed a new option or one I wasn’t looking for at the time: Essential Inspirational! 🙂

    Tonight, I sourced this is actually a mail-order INSPY side of HarperCollins – as I was trying to sort out the authors? This is how I found your *blog!* Shelley Shepard Gray is one of the featured authors for July (though I doubt I’ll receive her novel, as I’m sure I’m too late to request the July batch) – happily, your blog came along somehow, and I noted the other stories your reading are just as wicked intriguing as this series!

    Therefore, I happily added your blog to my blogroll in the sidebar of my blog to come back and see who your reading and which authors we share in common! I definitely want to re-visit these on the series as I read them in turn, to offer a better “after I’ve read” reaction as I’ll be sourcing them through my local library. Til then, thanks for blogging about them! Now to leave you a few extra comments tonight as I read several of your posts!

    Nice ‘meeting you’ and you have a wonderfully lovely blog!

    PS: You might want to use hashtags on Twitter? Your posts are not gaining traction as your missing the ‘tags’ which if you look at it from Morse Code – your tweets need to get ‘inserted’ into the code we all use to communicate so other readers reading the same can find you. #HistRom, #RomSusp, #HistFic are common ones but so are #INSPY (my favourite), #ChrisFic or #ChristFic but I feel funny using that one myself so I opted for #INSPY which is taking off a bit more now! 🙂 Use #amreading or #currentlyreading if your in-progress or #bookreview if your posting a review. Ooh! #BookPhoto works well for Twitter or #bookstagram if your cross-posting a book photo from Instagram to Twitter. I like to help others and if these help you, I’m thankful I mentioned it. If it’s a time issue, I fully understand that too! Though you can schedule tweets ahead using TweetDeck (which is free).

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