"You are special…" plates

When I was growing up our family used the famous, red “You are special today…” plate for special occasions and any time we did my beloved Uncle Terry who is very wise and witty would argue…


“But you are special every day…”

It got me thinking and those thoughts led to these plates!
With each boy, before they were a month old, we went to our local pottery painting shop and made these. Both times I had searched Pinterest for handprint and footprint art with a theme in mind and had pre-drawn the plates. That way I didn’t waste my painting time in the planning stages.


One tip – newborns don’t like to open their hands so despite my grand plans that included a handprint for each boy we quickly realized with Cashel and remembered with Camper that this was not a good idea. 🙂

The plate for Cashel has the transportation theme – top left and for Camper is an outdoorsy/Spring theme top right.

Corban was a bit older, 2.5,  when we made his and his love of super heroes had already appeared so “You are SUPER!” just seem to fit. (Bottom right) Copeland got “You are dino mite!” when he was just 8 months old.
Having McGuire just 4 months before COVID hit derailed our plans to make hers but soon… I promise!

We plan to use the plates on birthdays, graduations, and really any special day we want to commemorate.
I think it is a fun family tradition that we will carry on with all our kiddos! Hope you are inspired…
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