Remembering Baby J – 6.25.14

Today is such a bitter sweet day. Baby J (our first little one) was due 6.25.2012 and would be 2 years old, but last year on this is the day we found out we were pregnant with our wee Camper. Our first born boy Cashel is 2 in August and I’m daily overwhelmed by how God has blessed us and by how I long to meet our Baby J someday.
Just yesterday after an hour and a half of matching socks, yes I had let it get THAT out of hand… I was struck with God’s goodness. Every third sock or so was a wee little boy’s or a wee baby sock. Such a sweet sight, and a reminder of His goodness.
Someday I will meet our Baby J, but until then I relish the honor to be Momma to two beautiful boys.
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