Baby Birthin'

We took our first birthing class this past Saturday and much to my relief Benjamin said he feels less worried or scared post class session. 🙂

I was particularly worried as I had promised him no “birth videos.” (Thinking he could come to the Newborn Essentials and Breastfeeding classes, but as it turned out this date worked for him to attend as well.) And within minutes of the start of class the instructor referred to the video we would watch later in class. Ben said he immediately got queasy and was a bit annoyed.

However! At first he avoided eye contact (aka looking at his phone) during the video but decided to go for it and watch. He said the miracle if it all seemed to outweigh the “gross factor.” Love how he words things. 😉

We enjoyed the relaxation techniques a lot and both walked away with newfound knowledge and a great foundation for discussing and making decisions together about our birthing experience.

I highly suggest a class like “Birthing Basics” even if it just to open up the dialogue between Mom and Dad.

Stay tuned for more updates and some Pinterest inspirations!

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