Goals…. Through the eyes of my "main squeeze…"

So on May 5, 2012 my husband graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Arts from Northwest University.

I couldn’t have been more proud!

I don’t know anyone who sets goals (lofty ones at that) and achieves them like my husband does.

Since graduating he has started his dream job with an energy management system and has a new and improved schedule that actually allows us some quality time together.

He is an incredible husband, hard working employee and one smart cookie!

So I thought I’d ask him for four things to keep in mind when setting goals. He is a man of few words, at least a lot of the time. And when he does share it’s worth listening so here goes…

When setting goals here is HIS advice…

1. Small steps
2. Find support
3. Actively look for ways to achieve them.
4. Don’t get discouraged with current failure.

What would you add to this list?

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