Baby J… vs. Baby Jay

Something you must know about “us” is that my husband grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and we are BIG jayhawks fans.

I must admit that the first time I pulled into my in-laws yard I wondered to myself, “What is with the cartoon bird?” They have a stone, yard art, with the jayhawk carved into it. Which I might add, I’d love to have in my yard! Luckily, I didn’t mutter my wondering aloud as it was so sacrilegious that I may have not been welcome back. 😉

In fact, here I am in the first weeks of us dating wearing a family “Kansas” sweatshirt. I was such a “poser” but can truly now claim the title of “fan.” As I own several items of jayhawk apparel in my size and have watched them compete in two March Madness championships!

In the six years since I have become a devout lover of the jayhawks myself. I admittedly do not LOVE to watch sports and I even find myself riveted during March Madness watching the incredible players, coaches, and fans. I’m even known to chant “Rock chalk jayhawk KU!” while watching or even in post game walks to through out downtown neighborhood as we pass the rival “Ohio” flag hanging outside a neighbor’s house!

The other fun thing is that “Baby Jay” is also the the name of the baby mascot for the jayhawks. His jersey number is 1/2! It is one of those things that is so fun to say and has that double meaning for us.

In fact… our coming home outfit for our Baby J may already be picked out… if Ben has anything to say about it. 🙂 He purchased Baby J’s first “jayhawk tee” and the outfit won’t be complete without a hat and booties from Baby J’s auntie and uncle.

Here are a few photos from the championship game. You will see just how seriously we take this all!

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