Today I am a Mother…

I just published a post I wrote May 8th of last year. I have not shared publicly about our journey trying to conceive, until today.

I wrote “Someday Mother…” two years after we decided to try to start our family. The next year held great tragedy and joy for us and I thought about this simple post I had written more times then I could count.

It weighed heavily on my heart some days and then other days it was a reminder to trust the Lord with our future.

All that said, the greatest Mother’s Day gift I could have been given this year (just a year later) was feeling the movement of our sweet Baby J as I lay in bed.

I could have laid there all day!

Mother’s Day this year was made special by so many people. I woke up to two “Happy First Mother’s Day” texts from my dear girlfriends Erin and Heather.

My husband splurged and got me several new tops for Spring and Summer and he also purchased Baby J’s first Bible. It is incredible. He looked for one like the Bible he had growing up with pop ups but instead found ” ” that has over 40 lift flaps.

He is the most wonderful Father already, I could not ask for a better partner in this adventure which is also the most wonderful Mother’s Day gift I could ask for.

He didn’t stop there either…

We finally found a glider for Baby J’s room yesterday after months of looking. This is the only “new” piece of furniture going in the room and has been laborious to select. We found one yesterday and I came home to a confirmation email saying it was on it’s way this Summer!

All I wanted last year was to be a Mother and this year I find myself with my dreams coming true. I thank the Lord for all His faithfulness and goodness. I also thank the Lord for the journey. He knew just how our children would come to us and when, I look forward with great joy and some nervous anticipation about sharing bits and pieces of our “Trying To Conceive” journey in the future.

I hope this gives some inspiration to those who are trying to start their own families and as a dear friend of mine Callie, author of Through Clouded Glass, offered to me over a year ago… if you would like me to pray for you as you try to start your own family just shoot me an email asking me to “add you to the list.” I will pray fervently for you because I believe He hears our hearts but also because it did me a world of good to have a friend out there who was praying for me.

Blessings on this Mother’s Day. Today I am a Mother.

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