Baking from scratch!

I posed a request on Facebook, hit up Pinterest, and found a whole slew of “from scratch” cake recipes I’m planning to try. Baking from scratch is so much easier then it seems and also SO much more of an art…. Or a science…. Maybe both!

Although mine were not perfect it is evident that this recipe just might be! 

What I did differently…

1. I used plain Greek yogurt (since that’s what I had on hand).
2. Used 1% milk since that was what I had. Next time I’d use whole milk.
3. Also had to use salted butter (which is a baking “no-no” but again it’s what I had.
4. I only did a half batch of frosting which lightly covered 17 cupcakes. I’d do the whole amount next time so I could be more generous!
Give it a try. I hope you are inspired to try baking from scratch, or at least to follow along in this mini series I’ll be sharing with you!
And I need to add that this cream cheese/whipped cream frosting is KILLER!
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