Spring Decor – keeping it simple

Making it a goal to use what I had on hand and to keep it simple this year!

I always struggle when different holidays fall so close together. So this year I did a small tribute to St. Patrick’s Day on one side of our dining room and then will take that down to replace with some Easter decorations later this week. Saint Patrick’s Day never goes unnoticed in our household since I have an Irish tradition in our family, and especially since our boys are named for places in Ireland. Usually I go a bit more “all out” but this year I decided to keep it simple. But Thursday we WILL have corned beef and cabbage with our small group!
Then throughout the rest of the house I have some small Easter decor and I was sure to pull out the Easter books for the kids to read. One of my favorite traditions is getting the kids books for various holidays and then every year I pull them out and put them in a special basket for that season. Makes for a lot of fun special reading since it gets changed up! They love it.
And then this year I added a little Easter tree to their window in the playroom, with an Easter countdown! My boys really love egg hunting so I also brought out some plastic eggs and an extra Easter basket and they have been hiding them around the house all week!
This chalkboard is my favorite to put seasonal decor on and so I decided to do this one with an emphasis on our faith this time around. I will add some kind of fun spring themed one after Easter. Wanted the reminder of what the season is really about.
And filled this awesome planter box that my has been built me with greenery and white candles. Not sure how I’ll change it up as spring progresses and I have our options but I can’t wait! 

 I have had a lot of fun this year with this door. It’s in our living room and I have had several different three word phrases on it. For Christmas it said “joy, peace, love” and then just last week it said “happy birthday Camper”

He is risen indeed!
And I will finish with this wee little milk glass vase that was my grandmas filled with bell flowers from my moms garden. It’s in the windowsill where I do dishes every day! Anybody know what bulbs produce these? I want some in my yard!
So that’s it for now. I hope you find some inspiration to reuse some of the things you have on hand that!
Check out this post from an Easter play date I did a couple years ago. Some quick fun snack and craft ideas for kids.


I’ll be sharing a few more Easter decorations later this week! So stay tuned.
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