Be a part of the movement – Feed the 5,000

There is an awesome movement going on in Kitsap County. Wes Davis and newlife church have started something… that’s for sure.

Watch this video about the Gallegos family who sponsored Susan. Then read this article.

Pretty awe inspiring.
Jamin and I will be sponsoring a child through the Sakila School in Tanzania. We’ll know if it’s a boy or girl soon. 🙂 Our sponsored child that is.

You can choose an organization from the feed the 5,000 website or use a different one, but be sure to report your sponsorship. Also … commit to getting 5 more people to sponsor a child. Be sure to let me know if you decide to sponsor in response to my post!

Giving Jesus our lunch can truly do great things!
There is a button on the right of my blog that will also take you right there!

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