Webster’s defines “judgment” as “making a decision and “forming an opinion.” It also says that having good judgment is having “good sense,” “discretion,” “being wise,” and “forming an opinion objectively and wisely.”
to have good judgment
to be judgmental
these are two very different things. being judgmental is dangerous.
I long to love Jesus, and to be more like him every single day. I know I am not Him and that means I will always be striving to be…. more…. like Him.
I know judgment makes other’s shut down, close up, and not share. 
When I hear a friend’s story and I immediately jump to forming an opinion – I must stop.
When another woman shares her struggles and I form an opinion – I need to stop. 
When I become self-centered and my struggle is “more valid,” “more important,” “more legitimate,” “more real” – I have to change.
As I watch another woman make choices for herself, her family, her marriage; and I compare and feel proud or compare and feel jealous – it’s wrong.
There should be no room for judgment in my heart and mind. Because I am full of joy, love, compassion, and consideration.
I need to compassionately care, kindly listen, gently share (maybe), and respectfully allow them to open up. I want others to be themselves, comfortably.
My prayer – please feel free to disregard as this part is personal. 
Lord, as I judge, stop me in my tracks.
As I justify my judgments, freeze my mind and tongue. 
When I am inclined to compare, draw me to yourself, your heart, your love.
Help me to be more like you. 
Grow me into a woman after your own heart, who reflects your love, so that people can see you. 
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