Beloved Hope: book review

I had to read the first book, Treasured Grace, in the “Heart of the Frontier” series; and I’m so glad I did. Beloved Hope was all the better because I had fallen in love with the deep, complicated woman named Hope before the book even began. Then to see how Peterson unwound her story and developed her even further was a real treat.

We were introduced to Hope as a secondary character in the first book. But, in Beloved Hope she becomes the main character and we get to hear more of her and understand her complicated experiences and personality. Of the three sisters it seems that Hope experiences the most tragedy so to be a part of the rest of her story unfolding was so engaging.  Peterson does a great job of helping you get to know her characters, leaving you like you feel is if you know them.  I was so grateful to see Hope find joy in her life, and move forward from all that happened to her at the Whitman House Massacre. (The main plot of the first book, which was a really interesting read and the historical context makes it even more so.)

Peterson’s stories are always a good read, this series is no exception, and I encourage you to snag the whole series!

Now on to Cherished Mercy, you can read that review here.

Thanks to the Baker Publishing Group for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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