Cooking with the C's

Inspiration.recipe and book review rolled into one. Not to mention an afternoon activity during “the witching hour” that is a favorite past time for me and the C’s….
I’m reviewing “Seven Spoons” by Tara O’Brady. And dove right into my first recipe the day I got it in the mail. 🙂 I can tell you already that the recipes are a bit complicated… But I think they’re right up my alley! Stay tuned for more on the book and its recipes.
I will admit now that I had to alter the recipe slightly… I did not have wheat flour so I used 3 cups of all purpose flour, instead of 1 1/2 of wheat and 1 1/2 of all purpose. I also I’m not a big nut fan so to add some texture and a nutty flavor I used 1 cup of oatmeal instead of walnuts.  
No idea how it will alter the recipe as it was originally written, but I think for it will work for our family.
These little hands sure do add a level of complexity but also so much joy.
Camper has recently decided he cannot and will not be left out of the cooking projects so up on a stool, shirtless he came! Joining Cashel and I as we experimented with this new recipe.
And this one makes this Momma’s heart melt They are so big!
And both insist on taste testing along the way.
A very rich, dark chocolate flavor with lots of texture and moisture. Got a good review from the adults in our lives. The little palettes were not as sure. 🙂
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