Blogging Barefoot Today…

Blogging Barefoot today…

After I bought my first TOMS, I was hooked.
This past week over our Spring Break we took a road trip to San Fransisco. I started right at the get go, taking photos of my feet on our dashboard to document the trip.  Here is a starting photo (in my first pair of TOMS) and an ending photo (in my new pair!).

Then up pops this “One Day Without Shoes” Campaign which I participated in last year and the “Blogging Barefoot” posts out there by fellow SITSers – like Jamee at A New Kind of Normal.

Last year, I teach at a private school, the 7th graders wrote stories about going/being without shoes. They then shared them with my First Grade Class and we also wrote. This year the English teacher is differnet so we dont’ have the intersting view points of the “big kids” to inspire our writing but this afternoon we will go without shoes (against official school policy buy okay for today) and then write about it.

For me going barefoot is painful, I have a lump in the bottom of my left foot that has always been there and no arch. I NEVER go barefoot. Not even in homes where they have a “no shoe policy.” I either ask for slippers, bring my own, or sometimes even ask to be an exception to the rule.

I think it makes me all the more sensitive today to going barefoot, all the more in tune with the pain in my feet. I cannot imagine having no shoes. I watched the docuemtnary “Babies” last week and was moved by seeing so many children (very small children) barefoot. And then you think of the disease, discomfort, and that the shoeless issues is just the beginning.

I am overwhelmed with the needs that surround me, accross the street and around the world.
Glad I blogged barefoot today, glad my students could explore this issue, and grateful for the chance to think about others today.

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