Rainy Day Activities: Homemade Watercolors

Thanks to my friend Shauna for this great – and budget friendly idea!

I am just now getting into doing crafts with Cashel. We did our nature wreath that I shared a last week and then my sister-in-law Emily of Playing at Paste also made edible (although not too tasty) finger paints. We did our first creation with those last week. Stay tuned for details.

Today’s fun rainy day activity is painting with homemade watercolors! 

Shauna says,

“Easy peasy and if she eats them I know what she’s eating!”

1/2 c each baking soda, vinegar & corn starch +1 tablespoon light corn syrup. 

Mix well, pour into containers, add food coloring (go easy, you don’t need much!) & let it sit until it gets hard/dry. My theory is that foam make-up wedges will make a great “paint brush” for tiny hands, but we’ll see about that… The trays you see pictured are a 2-pack egg poacher dishes that she found at the dollar store. Brilliant!

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