Christmas Card 2016

 Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  We hope this finds you well, but realize that sometimes life is messy  and complicated. We would love to hear your family update  as we share ours with you…

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”
Philippians 2:13

What an unexpected year it has been! Right after we shared our 2015 newsletter Corban Hawk joined our family on December 15. It was an exciting time as he was born in the tub at home, just before the midwives arrived, and straight into his Momma’s arms. Now one year later it is simply indescribable the joy and laughter he has added to our family.

Camper turned 2 in March and celebrated true to himself in a “monster trucks vs dinosaurs” style. Cashel’s 4th birthday was “surprise eggs” themed and the celebration was complete with an Easter egg hunt (in August!) and a homemade egg shaped piñata! The ceativity of these boys sure keeps us on our toes. Cashel also started preschool in September and his school “The Farm” has been one of the greatest blessings to our family this year. The stability it has provided to Cashel and the structure it has given all of us is truly a gift. We have been changed for the better because of this beautiful place.

You see, within a few days of preschool starting we faced a very unexpected scare. We had a house fire that started in the middle of the night in the big boys bedroom. Cashel was a hero and convinced Camper to get out of bed and come wake us up. Just in the nick of time. But there was extensive smoke and soot damage so the house has actually been completely remodeled. Well… Is BEING completely remodeled. 🙂 Thankfully we can now see a light at the end of this long tunnel. And are so grateful for God’s protection and provision.

Ben began a new job with a brand-new start up company called Takt. What an incredible blessing as he gets to do something he loves, continue to work with one of his best friends, and provide single-handedly for our family. Alex is home full-time raising our boys, managing our household, and finds great fulfillment in planning events and co-leading a community moms group.

What we have found and experienced first hand  through all of this is the truth that God’s presence brings a peace that passes our understanding. We are so grateful for a village who has cared for our children, put in hours of work, and gently cared for our souls in both loving and gracious ways.

God’s calling on our lives is more evident than ever. We long to fill our house with people, extending God’s love and grace to them around our table and in our home. We are grateful that he is working in us, truly giving us the desire and power to do his will.

The boys bring us so much joy. Watching them learn to be a friend to everyone, imagine and play like they are construction workers “helping” with our rebuild, being scared and brave all at the same time – a fire in your home can do that, and also learn more about our precious Savior Jesus through it all inspires and motivates us. Our prayer is that this season and this next year you too feel his presence in your lives more than ever.


Ben, Alex, Cashel, Camper, and Corban

 Just had to share these fun ones seeing our awesome hometown Santa. Such a special tradition for these boys.


Thanks to Whitney Coudray Photography for the wonderful family photos for our Christmas cards! I’ll be sharing more soon.

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