“spa weekend”

whenever i leave my girlfriend’s house in bellingham i feel like i have had a spa weekend.
there is nothing ‘spa’ about it, but i leave feeling like i had a massage, facial, mani/pedi, and a counseling session.

this visit consisted of making dinner (i even left with her meatloaf recipe), time outside in the beautiful evening cool watching her 2 year old play with the dogs, loving her kids before bed, bath time, then a movie (girl scout cookies and popcorn accompanied it) “the proposal” in true girl style, snuggling her 4 month old as he slept in my arms, a good night’s sleep, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a trip to the lake, swings, rocks, rubber boots, and the leftovers for lunch.

might not sound like much, but it’s magical to me.

it’s because we share, laugh, and just do life together.
my friend is a kindred spirit, and i so admire her. she is wise beyond her years and part of that wisdom is that she also learns from me. it’s a reciprocal friendship and that is what makes it so special.

yes the baby kisses, snuggles, hugs, good food, and getting to shop the bellingham mall before i head to her house is all fun….

but its the laughter, sharing, time, quiet, and real life drama that makes it so magical, so refreshing, and so spa-like for me.

thank you e!

this is taken in our first year of friendship… what a year it was.
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