Corban Hawk – Newborn Photos

Corbs is two months old today. I’m just now ordering his birth announcements, I am just now posting his birth story, and just now getting around to sharing his newborn photos. I can’t go without sharing them! He was just around 20 hours old when they were taken and I cannot get over how much he has changed already. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words …. So here in a few words is what we know about him so far, and then I’ll let you just enjoy the images taken by Tonie Christine Photography.
  • Corban came out looking like a great blend of his brothers. Now he really looks like “just himself.”
  • He seems to have strawberry/reddish hair… for now.
  • We think he’ll have blue eyes like Papa and Camper!
  • He is a great eater.
  • He has gone 3-4 hours between feedings from day one.
  • He was back to birth weight at his 10 day checkup.
  • Now he weighs over 12 lbs.
  • Corban has one delicious dimple in his right cheek that makes a frequent appearance and another one that is harder to spot.
  • He really likes his binki. A very specific one that Momma can’t find anywhere so we can never loose this one. šŸ˜‰
  • He also likes to stick out his tongue… maybe even suck on it.
  • He does not like a poopy diaper.
  • Corbs is not much of a crier, wakes Momma with quiet stirring to be fed at night.
  • By 8 weeks he is feeding around 11pm, 3 am, and 7am. Happy Momma!
  • He is my most smiley baby – if it’s even possible to be more so then the other two were.
  • He truly is SWEET.
  • And boy is our Corb a flexible boy. He has won his brothers’ hearts. Especially Cashel. Those two have the most tender relationship.
  • Corban shares a birthday with our dear friend!

On to the images! Thank you Aunt “Tee Tee” for documenting our lives. We love and appreciate you.

 Check out Corban’s birth story here
And see some fabulous photos of our family of five – shot this same day.
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