Creating White Space // Day 08

I have found what having open Saturdays can do for our family. Often we are I am very quick to schedule them out as we see them as a day that we can all do something together. It is really the only day my hubby has off completely. We are very involved with our local church and often most or all of Sundays are dedicated to some sort of volunteering. That being said, we often fill Saturdays up. With fun and meaningful experiences of course, but they are full.

The last two Saturdays we had “clear days.” Which for us might include something like – I need to make a recipe for a side cooking job or run to the store or do an errand toddler free, or Benjamin has a task to complete off a “honey do” list – but that for the most part is not “scheduled out.” I’m amazed at how special these days are. We relax, breathe easier, and often still get a lot done.

Today we got a big task done. We tackled our bedroom, which always seems to be the last thing that gets our attention. And really it wasn’t a planned “to do” but was desperately in need of doing.  I feel so much better when it is in order, and it hadn’t even been put on the “pre-baby” list so it goes to show we needed the day and time to tackle it. We have so little storage space, probably about half of what we realistically need, so we are always battling organization for clothes, shoes, hats, scarves, and other accessories. I say “we” because we both have lots! We are both doing better at scaling back, and today was no exception. I rotated in maternity clothes, and out clothes that won’t fit for a bit. I got creative and used a Pinterest idea for scarf storage, and we added a few things to the giveaway pile that made or will make an appearance in our Buy Nothing group.

It always feels good to get rid of things. Plus we rearranged the room – for a couple of reasons. First, my side of the bed was too close to the wall,  with my growing size and more trips to the bathroom or to get a drink during the night, the more necessary it has become for that trek to be less cumbersome. Organizing and moving the bed helped that predicament a lot and made a nice spot for the bassinet to be added in just a few short months. CRAZY!

I also was able to go through one of our few cabinets in our kitchen and cut what was in it by half. That felt good and I love seeing the items go to people in our Buy Nothing community who will use them!

Lessons learned…
Less on the schedule can mean MORE in terms of memories made, quality time together, accomplishments done, and overall rest for your body and spirit.

Organizing, minimizing, and getting creative with your space can do a lot for your mind. And I’m seeing more and more…. that less really is more.

I like having art, toys, furniture, clothing etc. on rotation. Whether it is just so that things seem new and fresh, are seasonal, or so old things get reused in creative ways; it is neat to take that extra time to put away, rotate, and reuse items we already have.

I also saw that flexibility lesson resurface today. Plans got cancelled, we were able to join family for a group dinner and it was great. Flexibility pays off.

In terms of other goals… I’m doing better on the television front. I’m  turning it on less and choosing music instead. Which is a great change. In the car I’m picking silence when I can. I’m also carving out some time for me and thankfully I have a very involved hubby who supports that and makes it possible whenever he can. Even if it is just watching Cashel at home to let me run errands on my own.

I have gotten out of bed a bit earlier then Cashel, and often it is just 30 minutes before him, but I can often get a few chores done or get myself fully ready before he gets up. Sometimes even both things. I am also finding time to read my devotion. I notice that after a few days of getting to it and diving in it is easier to continue the habit and I feel the “need” for it more.

Overall I think I am learning to be intentional about creating white space in my life and I may be forever changed. Looking forward to the last two-thrids of this journey.

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to realize the brevity of life,

    so that we may grow in wisdom.

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