Creating White Space // Day 09

Much of today I was on my own with Cashel Man as my husband lead worship at church in the morning and also in the evening for a special event. We are a mobile church so there is a lot of additional time spent tearing down and setting up. But I am grateful I have a husband who is on the mission with Jesus, serving at our church, and using his incredible gifts for the Lord. He really is a great musician and a wonderful example to our little man of how to serve God and your family.

Cashel goes to bed around 8:30pm and will often sleep until 9am. Some days even later. I should never complain about sleep. He is one incredible sleeper. My Mom says both my sister and I were the same way. Fingers crossed for this next one to get there too someday. The only problem with this is that some days when I hope to get out and about or need to be somewhere at a specified time in the morning, it can prove challenging (and sometimes impossible to do it on time). He is a slow morning guy too. Takes his time warming up and eating his breakfast especially. I love this normally, but on days where I have anything at or before ten I find it is nearly impossible to get him going.

I am fairly committed to not waking him up unless I absolutely have to – like for a doctor’s appointment or something.

This made me a touch late for church. Plus he really hadn’t eaten his breakfast, so I warned the nursery workers that he’d probably eat them out of house and home and that I had brought breakfast in my baby bag.

Now on to white space. I have learned that white space is not empty space. That can be both physically and in terms of time. White space is opportunity like I posted about in an earlier post, it is also clarity and time. Time to think, process, reflect and learn. Church for me is a great place of white space. I am always challenged in some way and leave feeling refreshed. I am thankful to volunteers who make the nursery run so that my little one has a wonderful and safe place to be; for the worship team, and gathering team who does a beautiful job creating an environment of worship and connectedness; and to our pastors – Peter and Jeff who are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and really are anointed. They “bring it” each week and I leave with more white space then I came in with.

I genuinely believe that this is a spiritual and mental matter as much as it is physical. I’m so grateful for reflection, sharing, and communication as I learn and change. Getting to share the main points of this Sunday’s message with my Mom – and what God is teaching me – is priceless, and a white space creator. Praying for my son aloud, singing songs that edify the Lord and my spirit. This is a list of “white space creators” and I get to engage in them all, each Sunday.

A great nap is also a white space creator. Like a nap for ME. I laid down for a portion of Cashel’s nap and rested myself. I find I am more productive and positive when I am rested.

Fellowship and time with friends, who are like-minded, is also a “white space creator” for me. I find myself inspired, motivated, and encouraged. All things that create white space in my life.

Lessons learned:
time with like-minded friends

Are all white space creators for me. Valuable ways to spend my time, and are genuinely fruitful activities. Prioritizing and intentionality are key factors in creating white space.

Colossians 4:5-6
5 Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. 6 Let your conversation be gracious and attractive[a] so that you will have the right response for everyone.
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