Present: be not do


Be here.
Be still.
Be me.
Be aware.
Be intentional.

Do more.
Do work.
Do what you are “supposed” to do.
Do everything.

To “be” instead of to “do” is a unique challenge. It is something I didn’t even realize I needed to understand and to practice in my life until I started to explore the concept of “present.” In a world that it consumed with what we can do, a rat race, a competition. Success and accomplishment are marked by what you have done. What if I change how I think about accomplishment. What if I asked “what can I be?” instead of “what can I do?” I can be a community builder. I can be an example. I can be a follower of Christ. OR I can do – I can complete the to do list, I can do the errands, do the work and miss the chance to BE.

What if instead of being consumed with what we should do next, or what we have done we focused on what we can be for those around us, for ourselves, and for the Lord? How we can stop doing, and be in the moment.

To be is to not do. Yes our accomplishments and priorities are part of who we are, a reflection of us. But, if I can only have one, I am going to chuck “doing” to the wind and will stick closely to “being.”


I’d rather be here, be still and be me. I prefer me. Being an aware and intentional me that doesn’t just do more, or do what I’m supposed to do. Doing everything means I am left with being nothing. Doing requires a sacrifice that is simply not worth it. When faced with that “y” in the road I want to walk down the path of being. I want to choose consciously, not just wander my way through and hope I’m pleased with the results.

I want to change the measurement of success.

There is something to be said for the recognition that life is happening and there is a lot we actually just can’t stop doing, and trust me all the things I’d like to stop doing the very most – like paying bills and grocery shopping with three kids – I just can’t stop doing. But the question is, in the mandatory doing and within the things required of me; how can I also be present, be connected and a part amidst the necessary doing. Can I redefine what is actually required of me? To choose. I can.

Efficiency, breaks, time, space, completion – it’s a balancing act that I’m just not sure we have to balance perfectly all the time. I genuinely want to be someone who enjoys the major moments and the in-between moments. I want the peace, and joy; and I want others to be drawn into that with me.

“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil 1:6 (NIV)

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