Creating White Space // Day 13

Today was a successful day.
It feels good to be able to say that.

I hit some (not all of my goals) and overall felt refreshed and like I had made and made the most of my white space.

I rose before the wee one, got “the big stuff done,” and headed to my Mom’s group. This is a place of true white space for me. My kiddo is safe with wonderful nursery volunteers, there are girlfriends in my similar walk of life, and just in front of me in terms of life experiences, to share with and learn from. They are open, honest and real. This creates mental and spiritual white space for me. I truly leave feeling refreshed.

We ran a quick errand to pick up a few groceries and then home for lunch and nap. Today my little one let me have some extra time, took an extra long nap. So I found myself (not gravitating to TV – a big success for me). Instead I worked around the house with edifying music playing. I got some chores, and some fun things done – rearranged a few decorative items. And did some work on the computer.

Family scheduling, blogging, connecting with my Buy Nothing Community and looking at my next week and month. More white space.

As a part of this series I am posting a “give” in my Buy Nothing Community daily and today’s was spurred by a gift someone gave to me – an apron. I decided to give my top 8 favorite recipes. More then 25 people asked for it and it was a chance, yet again, to connect with my neighbors. I think feeling connected in my community is also helping me prioritize, think about where I spend my time.

Then Cashel got up from a nap and we (his parents) were able to sneak away for a parenting round table discussion about getting through the holidays (with kids) in a less stressful way. We had quite a few take-aways and got to have dinner at my hubby’s favorite Thai place after. YUM! This mental and relational white space for us to chat, laugh, work through our holiday season etc. was very valuable. I think I’ll share about some of the ideas and my thoughts that came from this workshop on the blog soon, so stay tuned.

I see white space popping up, being creating, and being seized and that feels like SUCCESS!
I’m getting the hang of this.

1. learning creates white space
2. connectedness helps me create and maximize white space
3. prioritizing is an important part of all of this

Proverbs 18:15
Intelligent people are always ready to learn.
    Their ears are open for knowledge.

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