Diabetes Diagnosis – March 23rd 2009

Ben was diagnosed, at age 20, on March 23 with diabetes. He had to go the emergency room on March 22;

In the E.R. where he was diagnosed with diabetes. It felt like a very scary diagnosis and we still were not sure if it was Type 1 or 2.

Later in early April he was more specifically diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and we are working towards changing our lifestyle to be more diabetic friendly. Thanks to Dave and Heather for the fabulous Better Homes and Garden cookbook. They brought it the day of Ben’s diagnosis. Pretty wonderful friends.

The most scary and serious health issue in Ben’s life, diabetes, is not covered at all by our insurance for 9 months. But the great news is we were referred to the Benaroya Institute to be a part of a Type 1 Diabetes study, researching the drug called GAD. After a month or so of tests he was welcomed into the study by the incredible team of doctors at Virginia Mason – Benaroya Institute. We feel so blessed to benefit from their wealth of knowledge and are praying that we are part of making a change for diabetics everywhere. If the drug GAD does what they think it does then it may prevent Ben’s health from deteriorating. It is believed to help Type 1 diabetics keep their insulin producing cells.

Here we are in Pike Place Market after a day at the hospital.

We go quite frequently for monitoring and for the GAD drug to be administered (although it is possible that he is just getting a placebo – we are praying for the real deal.)

There is so much going on in the area of diabetic research we are honored to be a part of it!

Thanks to the doctors, nurses, and dietician at Virginia Mason. Dr. Sanda, Dr. Hefty and Research Study Coordinator Marli McCulloch-Olson you are truly a blessing from the Lord. We feel so lucky and blessed to have your team as a part of our life!

Ben is pictured here with “stinging nettle” cheese! Good thing he didn’t have to give up cheese post diagnosis. 🙂
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