Honeymoon Haven…

Our first night at the Doubletree Resort, and cruise to the Mexian Riviera with Carnival Cruise Lines was just that – a Haven!

The first night we got a steal of a deal on a room but when we arrived it had 2 double beds. We told our “bellhop,” “What the heck, we can do seperate beds one more night. We’ve done it for this long.” πŸ™‚

Just a few minutes later he returned with a luggage rack and upgraded us, for free, to the Penthouse Suite! It was incredible.

Then the next morning we boarded a plane for Long Beach after only a few hours sleep. Our cruise was late boarding, but once aboard all we did was lounge, eat, lounge some more, and got to see a few sites, including an incredible horseback ride!

What a dream this was!

Ben was thrilled and so was I – we’ll take the Penthouse suite for FREE any day.

Headed to Long Beach, and waiting for the cruise to load!

Getting on the boat! So gorgeous. And we were seriously sunburnt from being on the sidewalk waiting to load all day. πŸ™‚

Our first dinner and towel animal was the most incredible treat!

Our first stop was quite an adventure. We walked, and walked, and walked. Then had one seriously delicious meal.

Back to the ship. Welcomed by a towel animal and an incredible meal.

Our second stop we went on an excursion with an incredibly funny bus driver and some slow moving horses. What a day!

We met a couple from CA that got married on June 14 too!

Then we were welcomed by yet another cute towel animal.

Our Mazatlan day was spent on board the boat, enjoying a quiet day on a quiet ship.

Dinner in the formal dining room was the highlight of our days. And of course the towel animals were cute too!

Showing off our **BLING**!

This day in Cabo San Lucas we went into town and did some shopping. We ended up with some beautiful porcelain pieces. And much to Alex’s delight, a much desired and colorful butter dish.

More delicious food, served by wonderful people. Our favorite dessert was the chocolate melting cake!

A towel elephant welcomes us home.

On this night the crew made an incredible food display and we were wow’ed. Good thing we like food.

Then off to BINGO and a show!

Our final night, saying “goodbye.”

On our way home!

We were so ready to get back to our dogs, families, and home as “The Jacobsons.”
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