.: Elusive and Tangible :.

So many things….

A dream that feels so tangible and yet so elusive.

The good news is I have now had the chance to watch a friend do something similar to what I feel like I’m dreaming of. I was able to join her in what she was doing and the best news is…so much of it… I’m already doing! Or have done. It feels tangible in this regard….

A lot of it is within my grasp.

And yet so much is still not.

I know that the Lord is calling me to this and I’m believe it for this year – late Spring and Summer. (Dare I even type that). When I share about my dream I get so excited but I also get this lump in my throat and my heart beats faster. When you put words to your dream, and voice them, it gets more real, gains momentum, has power AND there is accountability and expectation…

I was in church Sunday morning and there is more. The vision is taking further form, the dream growing. The calling going deeper into my heart.

Now I know – the dream is two-fold.

People in my home. Families. Food. Friendship. Abiding in Him and trusting Him. Knowing he can use dinner I made for our family, our table, and our hearts to touch others. I want to bring what I’ve been blessed with around the table to others. Connection, Transparency, Growth, and Jesus.

And…. I want to also do something bigger. Raise money for freedom, network with people, share our lives and important causes with others.

I’m believing, but there are so many moments of discouragement or doubt. How, when, where….

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