She Reads Truth Bible: review

Oh my goodness, the She Reads Truth Bible (CSB version) is absolutely incredible! I got giddy when I saw that it was available for me to review. I had even sought out a copy of this beautiful resource when it first came out and had been unable to get a hold of one for review. Now that it’s on my shelf and in my hands I’m so excited to tell you… It lives up to everything I had hoped.

I own this gray linen hardback and adore it. It is sturdy, comes with a fabulous  Shell that is perfect for protecting it from all the grubby little boy hands around my house.


Some the Bible’s greatest features are:
• Art at the beginning of each book  Plus wide margins for journaling and notetaking.
• 20 full-color maps
• 20 full-color charts and timelines
• Color coded subdivisions
• 189 Devotions scattered throughout the Bible
• Reading plans,  for every book of the Bible, and a complete one year reading plan
• The amazing cover option and 66  illustrated key verses


The She Reads Truth organization is accomplishing their goal of making the word inviting, and pairing the beauty of God‘s word with an aesthetically beautiful tool put in right into our hands.  It truly does invite you back day after day today into God‘s Word.

I will add, because many of you follow along with me in my Bible journaling, that this Bible is formatted similarly to a journaling Bible with the notetaking space in the margins. And you absolutely could use it that way. However, for me this Bible is more one I will use for notetaking and studying. Quite perfect for taking along to church gatherings as well. It has such beautiful artistry already in it and it’s such an amazing tool, I really only see myself using it for those purposes rather than creative journaling.

Thanks to B&H publishing for providing me a copy of this Bible in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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