Everyone should go to camp: family camp

I have gone to camp since the summer before 4th grade. I was lucky enough to go annually to Cascade Camp Cedarbrook and then be on staff as an adult. I’ve been a part of this awesome family for over half my life and now my little ones are being raised with this as a tradition too. Last year Cascade Camp Cedarbrook started a Family Camp program that is just a day camp. We got to go this year and Cashel had a ball! Desipite being a bit under the weather.
Here we are headed out on a hike in the cold fall sunshine!
At the end of the hike we let the kids run around the horse corral – where the camp hosts horsmanship in the summer months. Cashel had SO much fun!
After lunch there were two more activity times where you got to pick from a few options. We headed to the pond where we fed the fish. Cashel loved it so much that he wanted to get IN the pond. Brrrr – too cold in October but maybe when he goes to boys camp in a few years. 🙂
Tons of fish in the pond and they were jumping like crazy.
My water boys!
This was such a fun family activity.
Can you tell this little man loves to be outside and he REALLY loves his Papa?!
During the second activity time we chose clowning. I helped with the class – doing face paints so of course Cashel had to get in on some of the fun.
He posted with the big kid clowns too!
We ate delicious meals including ribs and baked potatoes for dinner and then headed out to the campfire for s’mores, singing and a campfire talk.
Truly this was a family memory I will never forget. I think my little man is happiest outside and even happier when he is wet and/or dirty!
And now more then ever I believe that everyone should go to camp. This will be a part of our family tradition and I hope it inspires you to consider it for your family too. 
You can check out Cascade Camp Cedarbrook at their website or blog. I participate in girls camp annually and will send Cashel the first year he is old enough to go on his own!
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