Quick Upgrade – Fall Decor

New Fall decor was not in the budget this year so I scrounged through my “fall” storage bin and found a few things I wanted to use. Including the leaf runner in the picture below. I wanted to spice up my existing decor with somthing new and I got a great idea from my friend Mallory. I saw she posted on Facebook that she needed canning rings and I asked her why. She shared that it was to make pumpkin decorations. I googled it and found a series of adorable pictures!
I had to make one.
And I was inspired to also make a canning ring clothesline. Too cute!
Again I put it out there with my Buy Nothing community and a few friends. They came through like champions. The good thing to know is that you can use rusted and all different colored rings – in fact I think the more variety the better.
They do need to be all the same size – I found that I was gifted two different sizes, which when lumped together allowed me to make two pumpkins. A large and a small.
All you need is…
1. 20-25 canning rings the same size
2. string or twine – about 4 inches.
3. Cinnamon sticks (buy in bulk if you can they are a lot cheaper – only $2 instead of $6-8)
4. A small piece of paper or fabric to make leaves (optional)
You just cut a 4-5″ piece of twine or string and string on your rings – all facing the same direction. Once you have put them all on the same strand facing the same way, you just tie as tightly as you can. This makes a sphere shape.
Add a stick or 2 or 3 of cinnamon for the stem and a wee piece of paper or fabric for a leaf (I think burlap would be nice!) 
Literally takes 5 minutes once you have all the supplies. My kind of craft.
I displayed mine as a center piece on an upside down goblet and on a shelf next to a fall flower arrangement. You can paint the rings too. Some cute orange ones I saw here turned out really cute!
Hope you are inspired to find a simple way to spruce up your Fall decor!
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