Stash or Sash Bash: The Reveal

Sash or Stache? That is the question.

Ben and I made our guesses!

Cashel too!

This time around we decided on a fun way to reveal that was a bit different. NO ONE in the room knew the news. At our Waddle it Be? gender reveal for Cashel our sisters knew ahead of time so they could plan the reveal. With New Baby only the technician knew the gender and we would all be surprised together. We would each get a scratch ticket and one would reveal our big news!

As family gathered and tensions built I gave directions on how the scratch tickets would work.

1. We will pass them out, please wait for everyone to get their’s before you start scratching!
2. Then we will all scratch together.
3, There is one “winning ticket” that will either have 3 (mu)staches or three sashes on it.
4. If you have the one with three in a row – you win and will get to shout “It’s a ________!”
5. If you ticket has 3 mustaches yell “It’s a boy.” If it has three yellow sashes (bows) then yell “It’s a girl!”

Family in attendance were getting impatient, especially as they had to wait for everyone to get their cards. We passed them around the circle with a basket of coins so everyone had something to scratch with. It was challenging to keep everyone at bay and not scratching their cards early. Only one had the news on it so each of us in the room got ready!

On your marks….
Get set….

Scratch we did…..

No one shouted….

We looked around…..

Checked the kids cards….. did they win and not realize it?!

And then none other then my DAD says – “I haven’t scratched mine yet!”

He scratches ……

3 in a row!


“IT’S A BOY!!!”

This was such a fun way to find out, and since my Dad waited both Ben and I were leaning over his card as he scratched. We got to see the news together. Too fun!

“New Baby” is a BOY!
We really couldn’t be more excited to have two brothers.
I just LOVE thinking about HIM as a BOY.

Ben’s first statement to me when the excitement wore off was…. Now…. we set to finding a name. 🙂 I love being a “boy mom” and honestly have found a bit of an identity in that title. I love my boys.

I truly can’t wait to know his name! did I mention that it is so fun to say HIM? I think my feelings on this whole “knowing” thing have really changed. I love how much closer I feel to him thinking about him as a boy and hopefully soon with a name in mind. 😉 I think it is fun to space out the surprises too. And to have plenty of time to really concentrate on a name now. I am 19 weeks today so we have about 18-20 weeks left to figure out what HE will be called.

Cashel Rock is a big brother to a BROTHER!

**Stay tuned for more party pictures, more about the “setup” and 
a tutorial on how to make your own scratch cards.**
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