Fabulous Fortunes

Our first date…

Our first date began with lunch, then a video shoot for newlife youth, and resulted in a a dinner date, and time of worship, and late night conversation.

One of the highlights of the evening was when we had completed our LARGE meal at The Mongolian Grill and we opened our fortune cookies. Ben’s held the fortune, “The evening promises romantic interest.”

There was a semi-akward momment when both of us didn’t know what to say, then we both errupted into laughter.

It didn’t take long and yes, the evening was very romantic.
Fortune cookies have become a tradition for Ben and Alex.

We also incorporated their fortune cookie tradition into the wedding. The wedding favors were fortune cookies stuffed with their original fortune (“The evening promises romantic interests”) and other love quoatations. The tags read, “Sharing our good fortune with you. Love, Ben and Alex.”
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