Wedded Bliss

We believe a picture truly is worth a thousand words. So here is our wedding day in 1,000 words.
Engaged December 29, 2007 we wed six months later on June 14, 2008

We poured our hearts and souls into the preparation and each detail was thought out.

Laterns hung, candies of all kinds, and the aisles were lined with ribbons and brooches each hand selected by us.

The favors were a tribute to our first date filled with fortunes of love. Including our first fortune, “The evening promises romantic interests.” They hung from willow branches that Michael, Alex’s Dad, scrounged up for her.

The bridal party was made up of family.

Best Man – Rich Jacobson (Ben’s dad)
Groomsmen – Elliot and Luke Jacobson
(Ben’s brothers)
Maid of Honor – Tonie Duchemin (Alex’ sister)
Bridesmaids – Emily Jacobson and Erin Harper (Ben’s sister, and a friend that sticks closer then a sister.)
Junior Bride’smaid – Molly Lemmon
(Alex’s “little” sister)
Here Molly’s hands hold our fortune cookie box purchased after a month of dating, our original fortune, and our rings.
(Left) Alex made a special memorial for her maternal granfather. (middle)The guest book was filled with polaroid photos of guests and each placed a rock in our unity sand vase to symbolize their friendships being foundational to our marriage. (right)After the ceremony Alex and Ben ate together at their sweetheart table, lovingly created my Auntie Toni.

All the flowers were done by Aunties and were more than I could have dreamed of.
The Michael Jungkeit family graciously shared their home with us on our special day. Thank you Mike and Kelee!

Our programs were handmade by Alex and friend Court Johnson. The back page (right) had 4 different designs created by Emily Jacobson.

We did not see each other before Alex walked down the aisle! So special.

Pictured here is our friend and pastor Jonathan Stone at the ceremony site.

Most of the ceremony was very traditional. Alex’s Uncle Tom welcomed the couple and guests followed by Jonathan’s leading us in the vows, unity sand, prayer with our parents, and finall THE KISS!

After the ceremony we looked at each other and said, “We did it!” (Left) and then huddled and screamed with our bridal party, we were overcome with joy.

After a quick photo opportunity we returned to the altar and while close friends Sara Stone, Ed Kerr, and Rich Jacobson led us in worship Ben and I wanted our first act as husband and wife to be serving communion to our family and friends.

This was such a special time – and we got to make eye contact with every guest!

Sisters ~ Brothers (yes, they got to wear Converse All Stars!)

Our families!

Erin and Jeremy Harper came all the way from Bellingham and brought along our “honorary flowergirl” Colee. Pictured here before she was even born.

The ladies.

Ben with the ladies.

Alex and Ben with “The Men.”

We had a great, and brief photo shoot with photographer Amy Snyder and got some of the most precious photos in God’s beautiful creation!

Here we are looking back at the reception site.

Family and Friends pigged out while we finished our photos. Such good food, thank you to family and friend Deb Gaboriault, Mallory and Josh Phillips, and Jenni and Richard Waldron for making it possible.

The toasts made by the dads, and sister Tonie were so special. Thank you for all your words, they meant so much.

Then came the cake and dancing. Here we are during our first dance as husband and wife to the song by Joy Williams, “I’m in love with you.”

Our cake topper was an Irish Clauda which symbolizes friendship, love and loyalty. It was the symbol on Alex’s promise ring that she wore since she was sixteen. Alex’s dad removed it and gave it to Ben at the start of the ceremony. True purity is a gift from God. We are so blessed.



My folks figured we might need a napkin before signing the marriage license!

Our witnesses were our two sisters – Tonie and Emily.

Garter Toss – Boy oh Boy! Was that fun.
Bouquet toss.

Our departure was a VERY special part of the day. Alex saw her dream come true, she wore her Mom’s wedding dress as we left and we left under a tunnel of light! Ben also saw a dream come true since we got to leave through Liberty Bay on an incredible boat. Heading to our honeymoon!

Ben’s wedding gift to Alex was a set of pearls. You can see the ring, necklace and earrings in these photos where she is also wearing her Mom’s wedding dress.

Genesis 2:24
Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. “This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love”

These photos capture the emotion behind the day!

We are best friends and lovers. How lucky we are.

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