Feeding My Family // Takeout

A favorite campground, cousins, cuddles and so much time. Feeling like we had all the time in the world left us starving with no dinner plans.

Sometimes when Life serves you up the most perfect Pacific Northwest day complete with sun, cool breeze, waves crashing and kiddos howling you just get takeout.

Am I right?

There are reasons in this life to call in an order and pick up dinner. Long day with the kids, whether as fabulous as this one or as hard as yesterday, can warrant the white flag on dinner.

Yes we even called in takeout while camping and loaded up our paper plates with piles of delicious Thai food from our campground picnic table at the beach. Pure perfection.

We have a handful of favorite places to grab and go on dinner and there is no shame in that game.

How often do you do takeout? I really want to know.

Of course no campout is complete without s’mores!

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