Fish Tacos

Tried a new recipe tonight.

In my husband’s words, “It was a win!”

Did I mention that on January 6, 2015 I started a year long meal plan inspired by my friend Lindsey?
She writes more about her process here. I followed her system to the letter, grocery printoffs and all. The only thing I altered was to add some of our family’s go-to recipes to the master list. I’m also reading the book Confessions of a Homemaker by Deniece Scholfield where Lindsey reportedly found her inspiration.

Yes! I planned the whole year’s dinners, 
Yes, I will share more soon!

I planned the dinners (7 nights a week), compiled all most of the recipes, and did my  2-week grocery shopping trip. (I even ran into Lindsey – which was truly a miracle – at Winco where I decided I will be doing a bi-monthly grocery trip) The planning process took about 3 (2.5-3 hour sessions in that first week of January). Thank you football! It probably took me a bit longer then it takes Lindsey since she is in her third year.

I’ll write more on that all later but so far I am 5 for 8. And two of the dinners were interrupted by our friendly Seahawks and our need for “game food” which was provided by another family. I’m using the groceries from those three dinners to be lunches and a dinner for a friend instead!

Lindsey follows her plan 100% of the time! Can you believe it?! I’ll share more later but for now here is the link for the Fish Tacos I learned about from her awesome Meal Ingredient List.

I was nervous to try Fish Tacos but with a recipe my friend Lindsey shared with me they truly were a breeze. And our whole family has a new favorite. Even the baby liked the fish and avocados.

Cashel had a leftover coleslaw on his taco instead of the cabbage and white sauce (it was a touch spicy). We served our’s with cilantro leaves, avocado slices, and red cabbage. And thoroughly enjoyed the left over beer from the beer battered tilapia. (We used tilapia instead of cod.)

Cashel devoured them and even licked his lips and gave us his thumbs up! 
(Which is the last photo and he actually points his index finger instead of his thumb! 
Too cute not to share.)

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