2014 Year In Review

This year has truly been filled with “delight and wonder.”

We have chosen to live life through the eyes of our two boys and have been so blessed by their innocence, joy, love, and growth.

“The Lord delights in those who fear Him. Who put their hope in His unfailing love.” Psalm 147:11


Our 5th tree from the Olympic National Forest.
Camper’s first one!
And in the snow.


The boys are becoming such friends and Camper really is a big boy.
Our sweet Camper had eye surgery at the end of November. And so far it looks to have been very successful. You can tell what he thought about it. Tough boy.



Many trips to Yelm and Bellingham.
And oh so many football games – go Hawks!


For Halloween we were characters from Cashel’s favorite show.
Cashel was Curious George. Ben was Ted “The Man in the Yellow Hat,” Alex was Professor Wiseman the scientist and Camper dressed as Huntley the weiner dog.




Ben celebrated his 25th birthday.




We did so many fun things this fall. Including our second trip to Miracle Ranch’s Harvest Fest.



Both boys LOVE the kitchen. Cashel is learning to cook. New words for him include “saute” and “marinade” and you will often find him cooking or doing the dishes. AND he recently started to help with “his chore” of clearing the table.


Again watching the boys play and begin to interact has been a great joy!



We were blessed to renew our vows in mid October while in Leavenworth. There will be more on the blog soon but in the meantime ready about the “why?” here.
The full story:
read more about the surprise






More cooking!


Camper’s first trip to the pumpkin patch was in Yelm, Washington and both boys got a pumpkin. Cashel wanted a “bumpy one.”
Our nightly bath routine has become a very special one.


In October Alex got half way through a 31 day series about Cast Iron Cooking and was so inspired to cook in the cast iron she received from her grandmother Joy and Ben’s grandmother Shirley.


Cashel loves his “ahh ahh” and Camper enjoys snuggling him too. Camper has his own donkey we affectionately call “Eeee Ahh” who is beginning to be just as much of a tag along.


The homecoming parade in our town was so sweet and Cashel loved cheering “GO Vikings!”


More hawks! Touchdown.


Cashel has really begun to show a love for “dressing up” and since we didn’t have costumes yet his favorite options were from the laundry pile. He’s receiving a trunk of dress ups gifted to us by our local Buy Nothing group for Christmas and we are so excited to see his imagination EXPLODE.
(He is also receiving – for a second time – a play kitchen. He got it for his first birthday but we moved it away when Camper came home from the hospital and now it is coming back!)


Summer was filled with walks in our town. Our home. The place we love so much.


Many zoo trips on our membership. For his birthday Cashel asked for friends and family to contribute so we could have this membership again and they were generous. We’ll be going again this year!!


The first ride in the card for Camper was a hit!


Cashel had a “Curious Cashel turns 2” themed party and it was so much fun.
Banana splits for everyone and homemade coconut milk ice cream for Cashel.








Camper has a growing love for his Papa.


Summer fun and Cashel’s adorable “cheese” face that won’t be here forever so I love it all the more.


Hot days at the zoo!


Lots of time in our yard. Playing and digging. For his birthday Cashel received a “dig pit” in the back yard which is just a dirt pit that is sectioned off with pavers.  He loves it!


Our first time going to the Duchemin family campout overnight and as a family of four.

We love camping and can’t wait to do it more this next summer!



Alex launched a new wedding coordinating business called “Ask Alex Joy” after being a ‘day-of wedding coordinator’ casually for over 10 years.


Just around 18 months Cashel started climbing out of his crib so we made the transition to a “big boy bed” (a toddler bed) and although rough at first Cashel is back to his awesome sleeping and loves to play in his room. Pictured here under a quilt made by Ben’s grandma Marilyn. It was her gift to Cashel last Christmas! (Dec. 2014)


Papa is home from a trip and the boys are happy.

Ben spent quite a bit of time traveling with work to California this fall and winter.

Camper Phog went to camp with Momma this July and we had so much fun.
We love Cascade Camp Cedarbrook.


Papa took Cashel on a special date to Port Townsend this summer with Auntie Emily and Uncle Jerod – Cooper and Ollie Bel too.


Alex joined the storytelling team for newlife’s Kids Camp this summer which meant Cashel got to go along too. So looking forward to this week of the summer next year!


After being very sick and having to cancel a trip to Black Butte, OR we had a mini “staycation” with friends and hit up the Dungeness Spit on a gorgeous day!



Summer lovin’. Ipa and Cashel have become wonderful friends.


The third of July we watched the Poulsbo fireworks from Ben’s parents home and had homemade ice cream and a delicious Barbeque. Last year at this time we had just found and we were expecting Camper and a year later he was here celebrating his first Fourth of July.




We had so many beach days this summer. Papa took Cashel almost every day while Momma was away at camp and here Momma took the boys to Indianola to look for “crabbies.”


LOTS of walks, reading books, treats, and adventures in our town.



First family movie night. Watching Cashel’s favorite feature length “film” Turbo.
We spent the summer counting and collecting “turbos” (snails) and “kaka turbos” (slugs.)
Ben and Alex celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in one of their favorite spots – Bellingham. We stayed at the hobbit house in Fairhaven, ate tasty food, went to the driving range, and hot tubbed! This year’s traditional gift was “iron” so our golf clubs were a fun addition to our household.



Camper was away from Momma and Papa for the first time and stayed with Nona and DanDad while Cashel stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.
Here Camper is pictured with cousin Ollie Bel – they are two months a part.


Have I mentioned we love summer! Walks, zoo trips… my oh my!



Momma and Camper reunited after their first nights apart.


For Father’s Day we were in Bellingham celebrating Uncle Luke’s graduation from WWU but pictured here are Cashel and Camper’s treats for Papa.



Sweet Blue Eyed boy has the nickname of “Squish.”


Lots of boy time with “cousin”/friend Saul. Cashel is all boy these days!


Camper is really interested in anything Cashel is doing.


baths in the sink at Nona’s are a favorite!


Camper is so strong and held his head up so early.
He is a tummy sleeper and never minded “tummy time.”




The boys in their Jayhawk gear.
Read about Camper’s middle name a tribute to this special team – here.


We didn’t think it was possible to have a happier baby then Cashel but dare I say that Camper is!

He had acid reflux at first so that was a tough start but once we got it figured out he truly lives up to the nickname “Happy Camper.”

Camper and Olivia Bel (Bel is her middle name for uncles Ben, Elliot, and Luke using the first letters of their names) are just two months a part. Oh our “squish” is chunky compared to our petite lil’ niece.


Pho is our family’s favorite food and about the only place you’ll see us SPLURGE to eat out!


Did I mention he’s HAPPY?!



Camper’s first Viking Fest and he got to sport his new hat that he received when he was dedicated at newlife the Sunday prior.



Ollie Bel joined us in May! Proud Auntie to a niece.


Camper Phog was dedicated to the Lord, on Mother’s Day 2014. Such a beautiful day!


Momma received these beautiful flowers and “hugs” from her boys for Mother’s day.


Dedication celebration with family the day before he was dedicated.



The kid’s museum on Bainbridge Island provides much entertainment and keeps Momma sane as our boys are VERY busy.


Camper got to go with us to the hospital when we first met Olivia Bel and Cooper stayed the night with us one night while Emily, Jerod, (and Ollie) stayed at the hospital.



Camper’s first ferry ride!


At two months old Camper stayed his first night in his crib.


snuggles with Papa during the hawks game.


Camper’s first “shoes.” The same ones that Cashel wore as his “first shoes.”


Alex turned 30, had a special outing with friends at Alderbrook resort and Benjamin threw her a BBQ and fire at Fay Bainbridge State Park with family and friends.


Tonie and Alex hit up Gene Juarez for “makeovers” before Alex turned 30 – YIKES 30!!
But it’s sure to be the best year yet.


Ben commissioned Wendy (Alex’s Mom) to make this gorgeous necklace for her 30th birthday gift. The charms say “Baby J” (our first little one we never met), Cashel and Camper and have their birthstones hanging on them.


Camper’s first Easter and the first for true Easter egg hunting or Cashel Man. He loved it.




We have learned to get creative to keep Cashel busy with a new baby here.
Dishes and new toys….



Cashel is really into trains, cars, “trucks” and “construction workers.”




Lots of “sleep when you can” early in 2014, baby snuggles, and new adventures as we figure out being a family of four.
Papa was in Vancouver, Canada for work right after Camper was born for 2 weeks.


Momma threw a “Sugar and Spice: That’s What Little Girls are made of…” baby shower for Emily and Ollie Bel.


Camper is just a few weeks old.


Cashel loves to be the taste tester for all the cooking we do – here he is sampling Papa’s doughnut holes!


Boys watching Saturday morning cartoons – first time in bed together!
born in March but wearing winter clothes.
It was a FREEZING early spring and many layers for this new boy.



New baby snuggles!



Who does he look like?!


Papa came home a day early from his trip to Vancouver for work

Momma could not have been more excited to see him and these gorgeous flowers.

Camper’s first holiday was St. Patrick’s Day.
Very fitting since he is named for the town of Camp in Ireland!




Camper meets his great grandparents.


Geep (and GiGi)


Great Grandma Maryott


GiGi Joy


Biggie Pa and Biggie Ma
40 weeks [not] pregnant and baby Camper arrived 6 days early.








He’s here!


Coming home from the hospital.


The brother’s meet – Camper arrived on March 2!



Last night as an only child. Reading nursery rhymes from Great Grandma’s books.


The days before Camper arrived were filled with adventures to keep Cashel busy and Momma sane.




We settled on a name for baby boy #2 on Valentines day (38 weeks).











first big boy hair cut – just before brother arrives!



Seahawks win the superbowl!!!



and we watch at the Hickner’s house celebrating Shepherd turning 1!


Duck Duck Brunch baby shower hosted by dear friends Heather & Heather.



These boys are 5 months a part and best cousins!


Baby is growing!


Cousin adventures.



Cashel’s first trip to Chukie Cheese – for friend Channing’s birthday.


We read this “You’re a Big Brother” book so many times!




18 month old Cashel and “bro bro” will join us soon.



Cashel had his second eye surgery and this time we think it was successful!


January and Babe is as big as a football!


Christmas 2014.


What a year it was!



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