Five Things…

So here are five things that went well today…
1. The boys are loving the new arrangement of the playroom. (And not noticing the things I got rid of.) They are playing more with their imagination and I love that.
2. I got the kitchen and living room cleaned up.
3. New Jamaican Spice Candle from Full Moon Candle Co. in Sequim is burning and smelling yummy.
4. Pumpkin Bread in the oven. The best recipe EVER you can find right here.
5. A Buy Nothing friend gifted me a new cutting board since mine has now split one time too many for me to want to fix, another friend is picking it up for me since she lives close and I’ll have it in my home tonight!


Five things that didn’t go so well yesterday…
1. I had unexpected visitors while the boys were “showing off” and going crazy, and did I mention I was still in my house clothes? Normally this wouldn’t bother me but yesterday it did. Not the visitors, just how I had used my morning.
2. Stuff is still not completely put away from the party and now it’s raining.
3. Missing my hubby – long day with volunteer time after work.
4. Didn’t get my workout in -and these days that makes a difference.
5. Boys didn’t nap in sync today.

** BONUS oneĀ is that my blog is acting up and images are all messed up. Send help if you have ideas ***

Five things that helped redeem those five that didn’t go so well…
1. An invite to dinner.
2. Husband was able to come after his volunteer work!
3. Got to listen to my book on tape during the drive to dinner.
4. I realized the commute to pre-school maybe 10-15 minutes shorter then I thought it was.
5. Lots of fun on-the-go breakfast ideas from a group of friends that I’m excited to try.

** BONUS one I am blogging despite the fact that it’s acting up.***

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