Feeding My Family // Help! Breakfast bites.

Finally hitting our stride for Fall we added in our last “back to fall” routine and at this point our Thursday mornings are predictably my favorite and most hectic morning of the week. I help with a community mom’s group and we meet on Thursday mornings. Plus it’s one of two mornings I take my boys to school. That means I have to have curriculum complete for our group, some kind of food made either the night before or quickly in the morning. Plus all four boys fed, clothed, and loaded and i like to look somewhat put together myself – all ready and out the door way too early, well at least before my natural alarm clock would like us to be. (Insert your tips for becoming a morning person here please.)

Again breakfast is tough. In fact it really bites. See what I did there? Anyone else out there have trouble with this? I need less mess, somewhat healthy, sometimes on the go. Is that even possible? It’s just a lot of criteria to feed us breakfast well and I don’t have it quite figured out. Thankfully I get to eat, somewhat uninterrupted, from the lovely buffet at group on Thursdays. It’s a little oasis in my week. Today not so much since I was doing a lot of the talking, but I still managed a cup of coffee and a bagel.

The boys had cold cereal, not my favorite to serve, but we had to be fast. I also made a kid level “breakfast bucket” in my pantry with things they can grab – specifically for breakfast – to eat in the car if they are still hungry. I’m telling you… this breakfast thing is a tough one for me. Breakfast bars and applesauce fill the breakfast bucket as of now. I need more ideas. Maybe I’ll hit up Pinterest.

So… I’m back from looking at Pinterest. I added a few pins to my “first meal” board and I think I’ll try them. Which do you think would be the best?

Lunch we ate on the go from Wendy’s. I know! But you guys you can’t win them all. Ben is “working from home” today and while I love the extra minutes and moments of face time with him it’s not as glamorous as it sounds or as much fun as I always seem to dream it will be when he says he’s going to work from home. He really is working, just at home. Go figure. It is a help because he helped with preschool drop off and pick up today while I had some paperwork to complete. You know, adulting stuff. Then he took Corb home so he could work and the boy could nap while I finished up other errands. See… not so glamorous, but helpful.

Tonight for dinner he is going to make sticky rice using our version of this recipe. (We have long since ditched the cheese cloth and I only soak in warm water for 30-60 minutes – who has 6-8 hours. It’s still delicious!) Grab a steamer and pot here. I snag glutinous rice at Walmart or Central Market (way pricier) He’ll also make green sauce (roasted peppers, garlic, and cilantro mashed with a mortar and pestle), and roasted chicken drumsticks. We just brush the chicken with olive oil, add pressed garlic, and seasonings. Bake on high heat for about 45 minutes. Cook the sticky rice in the meantime and it’s our easiest, least protested, yummiest meal. I’m headed to a parent night at our boys’ preschool, so I wanted a fave meal that is easy for him to execute. That reminds me I need to soak the rice and pull out the chicken for him.

So today, a bit more uneventful than yesterday… Still over here feeding my family. Still stumped by breakfast. Still eating on the go. Any breakfast or lunch tips/ideas are welcomed – especially for on the go. I’m going to need to prep lunches the night before…

I spoke too soon. We completely ditched the dinner pkan for tonight, and went to our fall to do list instead. Given that this week might be our last nice week here in the Pacific Northwest we decided to have our final campfire. It’s something that we will do each fall to mark the seasonal transition. Tonight was special and here I am making sautéed onions for bratwurst instead of the dinner we planned… I love that we can still be flexible!  And will make our favorite dinner for company sometime this weekend instead.

Who are you going to invite to your table this weekend? Need a recipe for a crowd? Shoot me a message I’d be happy to help.

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