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Today I got to do some projects in my yard and I’m very proud.

I always get SO inspired spending time outside in our yard. Hope you find some inspiration too…

I’m not sure where I saw this done but about two years ago we acquired the windows you see hanging and hung them in our garden. The wall you see is actually the side of our neighbor’s garage that butts up with our yard. This year I was inspired to add the window boxes. And I did it all by myself! Love the feeling of accomplishment, especially when I get to use power drills. šŸ™‚

I love transplants! I have several serious gardeners in my family including my Mom Wendy, Auntie Toni, Grandma Maryott and Grandma “Honey.” I grew up in their gardens. I was never one to show much interest until I was twenty-three and had my own yard. I attribute the true beauty in my yard and it’s fairly low maintenance nature to the transplants I have received from these ladies. šŸ™‚ I love transplants because for the most part they come into your yard mature, less waiting! And you know they do well in your climate because they have been groaning nearby in a similar climate. In this picture I have added some Day Lilies along my fence thanks to Eric who dug them up for me from my Grandma Maryott’s yard. This area was previously a pain as weeds crept in because it was “empty.” I added some strawberry plants in front and will have to keep my eye on them. Can’t wait for these beauties to blossom! Did I mention I love perennials that just come back and “surprise me” each year. šŸ™‚

I also started my starts for my vegetable garden. This year I used seed starting soil, which I didn’t even know about last year. šŸ™‚ My friend, and true gardner, Jen Duke is the other lady who makes my garden so fruitful. When she plants her seeds, I do mine within a week or so, when she starts thinning so do I. You get my gist. I’m a copy cat. I love having ladies who inspire me! This year I am doing three kinds of tomatoes (cherry, a cherry hybrid, and yellow grape), broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, and then I will sow right into the ground turnips, onions (bulb and green), radishes and lettuce. I may also try an above ground potato bag. Having a veggie garden is always a learning process and I’m excited every year to see what is successful. I only have one raised bed (mostly shady) and then one sunny ground-level bed that I fence off so my pets don’t disturb it. I’m hoping for a “urban garden” style side and back yard one day with many raised beds.

PS I am keeping my starts on top my fridge for 6-8 weeks (where it is warm) then I’ll have them outside in a covered area for a week or so more to adjust to the climate here and then will plant them. I’ll keep you posted!

Here is a picture of my raised bed where my lettuce and radishes are already starting to sprout. When they get thicker I will have to thin them and at that point I’ll do a post about thinning. Which do you thin? And how do you thin them?

This past October I also planted bulbs! I had never done this before and like everything else it is learning curve. I placed one bulb in with space between them and now knowing what I know I wish I had grouped them more. I was SO excited to see the little green starts poking through and have been even more excited to see them blossom. I chose to stagger mine with early, mid, and late spring blossoms and chose colors and textures to my liking. Here are the purple ones down the side yard.

These next images are of my front door and herb pot. I love having my front door be colorful and welcoming. In the warm summer months I move the herb pot to the front porch too (during the winter I keep it on the more sheltered back porch). I got the chairs off craigslist and took he seats off they serve as perfect pot holders.

This year I did a few bulbs in my pots, and then added annuals as they became available at various nurseries in my area. Mostly petunias and pansies as they are very STRONG and hard for me to kill. šŸ™‚ Some of my pansies even weathered the winter and look awesome now!

My Mom helped me develop a love for yard art. Every year I try to add a piece or two. I have a couple of favorites from the past two years one from my friend Heather and the other is a gorgeous sun (glass) that stayed up year round to add some color to our dreary mid-winter yard. This year I added these two cuties. (Marshalls and TJ Maxx are places I always look – but I’m cautious about what I pick both so they aren’t tacky and also so they last a long time.) These are terra cotta underneath and I think I may pull them in this coming winter. Aren’t they show cute!

I also love repurposing. This metal holder used to hold some kitty food dishes but when the ceramic bowls go knocked over and broke I threw the holder away. The next day my Mom was over and shared some inspiration. I got the two terra cotta pots for $1.50 each at Home Depot and now I have this cute holder for my fence top!

First impressions: I believe they are very important. Much to my dismay my gate needs painting but in the meantime I try to dress it up with something festive hanging from it each season and keep seasonal flowers in the pot. I also love how the new windows boxes can be seen from the sidewalk and add so much! I love my yard and gardening. It is a great way for me to see the “fruits of my labor,” get outside, grown food for my family, and enjoy God’s creation. Hope you leave feeling inspired.

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