God Box – Inspired by Redeeming Love

A God Box.

A place to give your worries, fears, greatest desires to God, to hand them over, and TRUST.

Here is an excerpt from Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

“This is my God Box,” she said. “When problems prey on my mind, I write them down, fold them up, and put them through the slot. Once they are inside this box they are God’s problems, not mine.”

“Yes, a plain, ordinary hat box, but it reminds me to put my faith in God not in myself. The bonus comes when I see my prayers answered.”

I’m doing this on a personal level but also with my first graders. Slipping our prayers into our “plain, ordinary box” and trusting them to God. How I wish I had the child-like faith of the First Grade Friends.

I hope to use this as a tool, to trust God, and to teach them to do the same. I’d love to hear about the tools you use, or if you give this one a try.

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